The Clever Way to Celebrate International Yoga Day

Jun 21, 2022

International Yoga Day is a worldwide event, proposed by India and established by the United Nations in December 2014. 

The UN came to recognize its appeal and the physical, mental and emotional benefits of the practice due to the lifestyle yoga promotes. It encourages us to connect with ourselves, the world and nature, while making healthier life choices and encouraging overall good health. So, cheers to that!

As International Yoga Day (IYD) is upon us, you may be wondering what you can do to honor the day in a productive and worthwhile manner (i.e. the Clever way). Well, here are a few things that Clever Yoga will be doing, that you should could do too.

Raise awareness of the benefits of yoga

The whole point of IYD in general was to raise the awareness of the benefits of the practice.

 Through awareness, more and more people can realize that their life could be lacking something that would benefit them immensely through the art of practicing yoga. Yoga has endless advantages and we want to shout them from the rooftops!

Sit down with a friend, make a social media post, call a family member or discuss it with a neighbor. Join a yoga institute and make acquaintances with other people who recognize the importance of the practice. If you’re a yoga instructor, you already have the platform to communicate the message to your class! What’s important to remember is that you have the power, no matter who or where you are, to ignite change and bring about positivity.

Reconnect with yourself and the planet.

 As much as raising awareness of yoga is important, developing it within yourself is a must too. Yoga teaches us to be present and focused within ourselves, while showing appreciation for our surroundings.

Do this by carving some time out of your busy and bustling lifestyle to slow down, soften, sit back and breathe. As you may know, the breath is one of the main elements of Hatha, also called Pranayama. It is the life force that allows you to bridge your mind to your body to create harmony and synchronicity in your movements. Of course, a healthy yoga session would be ideal, but if life is proving chaotic, at least allow yourself the time to really breathe. Inhale, exhale and find your inner peace.

If find some real time for yourself, do something that really brings you joy, whether it’s cooking a meal, watching the sunset or taking a breezy walk through your neighborhood. Yoga is all about making healthy choices for yourself, and these small acts could make big differences to your mental wellbeing. Make sure your cup is full, and your body happy.

Attend a local yoga event.

How amazing would it be to celebrate the beauty of yoga with a group of like-minded yogis? Look around your neighborhood for events taking place. These events are a great opportunity to bring bring together yogi’s from all over your area to honor the day with a collective practice.

This would be a great way to meet other yogi’s in your area too! The more people you can share the experience with, the better. We love meeting new people and coming together to enjoy the experience as a whole. 

A quick google search including the keywords ‘yoga events’, ‘21st June’ plus your location (e.g. yoga events 21st June Los Angeles) will collect tons of results! You might be based in Florida, like us, so we have gotten together some events that are happening in Florida on the 21st of June 2022 that are free or low-cost! See them below.

Yoga 4 Change – Free Family & Me Yoga Classes, Tuesday 21st June 3-4pm
2560 Mayport Rd, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233,

Gentle Easy Yoga @ The Centre SPB, Tuesday 21st June 10-11am, $15

Beach Yoga from Caddy’s on Treasure Island, Free, June 21st 9-10am

Yoga by the Bay, Morningside Park, 21st June 9-10pm, $10

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