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Yoga Mat Sling/Strap

Yoga Mat Sling/Strap


Yoga Mat Sling/Strap


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  • Length: 66 in and 85 in (XL) options
  • Width: 1.5 in width to allow the mat strap/sling to sit comfortably on your shoulder(s)

This Clever Yoga strap/sling can be used for challenging yoga poses, stretches, physical rehabilitation or as a sling to carry your yoga mat! 

Our Clever Yoga sling is more than just another yoga sling. In addition to getting a quality, 100% all natural cotton yoga sling, you're also working with a family owned business who are attentive to your needs and here to help answer any questions you have.

When you order your Clever Yoga Yoga Sling today you’re protected by our Namaste Lifetime guarantee – if you’re not 100% satisfied with your yoga strap or if it doesn’t hold up for you forever, we’ll replace it free of charge – no questions asked. So order now!

Sizing Guidelines:
Picking the right size mat strap sling depends on a few factors, mainly how wide your loops are as well as your height and length of torso. If you have a super thick mat or two mats (or a mat and a towel) rolled up together, your loops will be bigger, which, in turn, will shorten the length of your sling. For you, we’d recommend the x-long, 85” mat strap sling. If your mat is rolled up very tightly and it is thinner than 4mm thick, the regular, 66in mat strap sling may be more suited for you. If you are of a slighter build and shorter, the 66in sling will probably be best.

Try one out and if you aren’t happy, contact us for an exchange. Our special “Namaste” warranty protects you :)

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