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How To Celebrate Earth Day on Your Yoga Mat


Thursday, April 22, is Earth Day! 

According to, the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 to commemorate “the birth of the modern environmental movement.”

There are a lot of ways you can celebrate Earth Day, by yourself or with friends and family. That could be by pledging to recycle, cleaning up your local beach, reducing your use of non-reusable items and plastic (get started with a reusable water bottle), and more. Perhaps the simplest way to celebrate Earth Day is to be outside, spending time in nature!

Here are a few ways to incorporate your yoga practice into your Earth Day celebration. 

Roll Out a Sustainable Yoga Mat 

Did you know that our Liquid Balance mat was made with sustainably harvested, biodegradable tree rubber, and is completely free from PVC, latex, and other toxic materials? Now that’s something you can feel good about! (Shop our Liquid Balance mats here.)

Take Your Yoga Practice Outside

Depending on where you live, this may be easier said than done, but an outdoor yoga session is a beautiful way to connect with the earth as you practice. If you’re still living somewhere with restrictions due to Covid-19, taking your mat outside is also a great way to connect with others as you can social distance and all practice safely!

Worried about getting your mat dirty? Keep it fresh and clean with our non-slip yoga mat towel. If you’re practicing on the beach, you may even nix the mat altogether practice right on your towel!

Transport your mat to and from your outdoor oasis in style with our yoga mat bag, made from 100% recycled batik cotton. (Good news: it’s got space for your mat towel, too!)

Here are a couple of tips if you’re new to practicing outside:

  • Check the weather beforehand. You don’t want to get stuck in the rain.
  • Wear sunscreen. Even if it’s not incredibly hot out, the sun may still be strong and hitting your skin without you even realizing.
  • Dress appropriately for the temperature and your yoga practice. Gearing up for a fiery vinyasa practice and it’s 80 degrees? Shorts and a tank top may be your friend. Doing a restorative class in the mid-50s? You may want to dress a bit warmer. If you’re uncertain, layers are always a good option!
  • Don’t forget your water. Especially if you’ll be doing a more vigorous practice, you want to hydrate – particularly if you’re practicing in a warmer climate and will be sweating.

Fuel Your Body Sustainably

Famished after that outdoor practice? When it’s time to refuel, support your local community by hitting up a farmer’s market for a sustainable way to feed that just-got-off-the-mat hunger.

Is a farmer’s market really any more sustainable than just popping over to your favorite sandwich shop? Yes, according to the Farmers Market Coalition: “Farmers selling at markets minimize the amount of waste and pollution they create. Many use certified organic practices, reducing the amount of synthetic pesticides and chemicals that pollute our soil and water. A growing number are also adopting other low-impact practices, such as on-site composting, that help mitigate climate change and other environmental issues.”

That’s something good to chew on!

Wash Up and Feel Good

Earth Day doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. When it’s time to wash up after your outdoor practice, do it with our vegan and plastic free shampoo and conditioner bars. Our U.S.-made bars are created using the best natural ingredients and are suitable for all hair types, including permed or color-treated hair.

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