Yoga Journal's Best of 2016: The Clever Yoga 7-Piece Yoga Kit

We are honored to have been featured in Yoga Journal’s article: “Best of 2016: 14 Practice-Enhancing Yoga Props + Accessories.” The Clever Yoga 7-Piece Yoga Kit was selected as the perfect one-stop-shop kit for the beginner yogi.
Yoga Journal's Best of 2016: The Clever Yoga 7-Piece Yoga Kit

LiquidBalance Premium Yoga Mat

Perfect mat. Perfect practice.

LiquidBalance Premium Yoga Mat Grippy, Sweat Proof, Non-Slip Includes Carrying Case
  • No slipping and sliding

    Stay planted with a non-slip grip, even while exploring new limits.
  • Eco-friendly

    Made with sustainably harvested and processed natural tree rubber which is 100% biodegradable.
  • Stay comfortable

    Soft yet dense cushion under your joints. Thick padding gives the perfect amount of resilience and give. The ends will not roll - they lay perfectly flat due to the natural rubber base. Extra-Long (72.8") and Extra-Wide (26.8").
  • Body-friendly

    No toxic chemicals, PVC or latex. Bottom layer is natural tree rubber. Layers are bound by heat, no toxic glues.
LiquidBalance Premium Yoga Mat Grippy, Sweat Proof, Non-Slip Includes Carrying Case

LiquidBalance Yoga Mat

The grippy, sweat-proof, eco-friendly yoga mat - see it in action!

Premium balance pads, yoga straps and durable microfiber towels

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What our customers are saying...

"A great product with some new experience! A friend recommended the yoga wheel to me because I round my shoulders a lot and I work at a desk all day. I was really intimidated by the wheel when it arrived but I received a lot of great advice from Clever Yoga, with tips on how to ease into using it. They also have really nice videos online with things for beginnings, like me, to do. I have to say, I can tell a huge difference in how much more relaxed my upper body feels. After work every day, I lay face up on the wheel and feel “snap crackle pop”. I can even breathe easier. Clever Yoga tells me that’s because my breathing muscles are relaxing. Yea!! I’m still a little hesitant to try some of the more advanced suggestions with it but I am going to pace myself and ease into the more difficult stretches. I can’t recommend this more. It’s a great addition to my well care “arsenal”.”
"Comfortable and helps a lot. I was in a car accident a few years ago and had developed tendinitis in my shoulders. I strayed away from doing anything strenuous as I was too afraid to hurt myself. I did not realize how weak it had actually made me until recently. I was excited to receive the Clever Toga Hand Grips so I could work on getting some strength back. These are small enough that I can take them with me where ever I go. They fit nicely in my purse and are nice and light. I can use them whether I am watching TV, waiting in line, or while at work. Because they are made of silicone, they fit comfortably in my hand. They are not uncomfortable to use and do not hurt my hands after a while.”
"Easy to use - I'm a fine crafter. Ruined my wrists doing my craft. Also have bad shoulders from participating in racquet sports for a long time. Things got so bad that I stopped doing upper body workouts. About a year ago, I started doing Pilates. Now, I take a class every day. I've worked really hard on strengthening my wrists (shoulders can still bother me.) At this point, I can do all the front planking exercises that I'm asked to do. Side planks are another story. Just finished craft show season. My wrists aren't as good as they were. When I saw the Clever Yoga Hand Grip Strengthener Exercisers, I wanted to try them. YEARS ago, I used one of the regular "grip strengtheners." It gave me tendinitis in my thumb. You don't realize how much you use that oppositional thumb/index finger. It was a problem. I could see from the way you hold the Yoga Grip Strengtheners it wouldn't be an issue with these. The Clever Yoga Hand Grip Strengthener Exercisers come three to a package--light, medium and heavy. It's fairly intuitive to understand how to use them. On the card that comes with them, it gives you the website, so you can watch exercise videos. My only disappointment was, that not only are the Clever Yoga Hand Grip Strengthener Exercisers not listed on the website, that there are no videos for their use. Maybe you can't use them any other way. I'm still using the light one. While I can squeeze the medium one and get the sides to touch, it's difficult. I think I should work my way up to it. Try to use the Clever Yoga Hand Grip Strengthener Exercisers whenever I glance at them--25 times, each hand.”
Products are engineered and loved by environmentally conscious yogis. Our mats are made with sustainably harvested and processed natural tree rubber, which is 100% biodegradable.
Beyond the purchase
As a small, family owned business, our mission is to provide products, service and benefits to the community with honesty and integrity, as well as value beyond the purchase of a product.
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