Six Yoga Poses For Athletes To Stretch and Soothe the Body

Six Yoga Poses For Athletes To Stretch and Soothe the Body

More and more people are enjoying the benefits of yoga, and this includes athletes. This may have been more surprising 20 years ago, but these days, athletes from basketball stars to football players are vocal about the benefits. LeBron James has credited yoga with helping his endurance on the court.

So what kinds of poses should athletes be doing? Well, just like all yogis, the two most important things are to listen to their bodies, and to find a style of yoga that works for them.

Often, athletes are already strong, whether it be from hours dedicated to playing their sport or due to the rigorous strength training they take part in off hours, so a strength-building class may not be what their body needs.

And many sports players – not just professional ones – are likely adhering to a jam-packed schedule, perhaps leaving them stressed and overwhelmed.

With all of this in mind, here are six yoga poses perfect to help athletes stretch and soothe the muscles and mind.

  1. Seated Forward Fold
  1. Cobblers Pose
  1. Cow-face Arms
  1. Seated Twist
  1. Extended Child’s Pose
  1. Legs Up The Wall 

Bonus: Corpse Pose

No matter how busy your schedule, don’t skip out on the most important pose of all. Give yourself time to rest and recharge, allowing the mental and physical benefits of your practice to settle in. You deserve it!

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