15 Things Only Yogis Will Understand

Jan 14, 2021

If you’re a yogi, have a laugh at these things only yogis will understand.

You’ve been asked by your friends what “namaste” means…

More than once. And you know the answer, of course!

…and you’ve received multiple gifts that say “namaste” on them.

Namast’ay in bed, namast’ay drinking wine, llama’stay, and – just in time for the COVID-19 pandemic – namast’ay six feet away. And no matter how many you receive, it’s never enough. (Seriously – I received three namaste mugs one Christmas!)

You can’t pick just one favorite pose.

That’s like picking one favorite song – it may change by the day, your mood, the weather, or a million other factors! Plus, there are too many good ones, all with so many different benefits.

You have a special relationship with your yoga mat.

Practice just isn’t the same when you leave your mat at home and have to borrow a studio mat.

You’ve taken your mat on a trip with you so you could do yoga while you were away.

Bonus points if you have a foldable mat specifically for traveling.

Maybe chanting used to freak you out, but now you love it.

Can you even remember a time when you didn’t want to close a practice with a collective “om” with the whole class?

You love essential oils and appreciate what they add to a practice (and life).

Whether it’s a spray, roll-on, or diffuser, you have your go-to scent. And while lavender is a timeless classic, you’ve also grown to appreciate the plethora of other options out there.

You know that props aren’t only for “beginners.”

Gone are the days when you were ~too advanced~ to grab a pair of blocks. You know that props can add so much value to a practice, and sometimes they can even make the pose more challenging. (Don’t believe us? Check out these Four New Ways to Challenge Your Balance with Blocks.) The more props, the better!

You have a favorite pair of yoga pants or leggings.

… Specifically for doing yoga, that is. Even though casual wear is the new pandemic chic (#BusinessCasual). But, no, they are not all the same!

You know some of the poses’ Sanskrit names.

Maybe you can’t spell them, but it doesn’t sound like a different language when your teacher calls out “balasana” anymore (if you’re in a vinyasa relief, that probably sounds like a *huge* relief!).

You’ve either taken, or considered taking, a yoga teacher training (YTT).

What would be better than teaching yoga?!

You’ve tried to recruit your friends and family to yoga … more than once.

“You’ll feel *so* much better! It’s amazing! Just try it once – I promise it’s not weird!”

You’ve skipped yoga – and regretted skipping yoga.

If it’s a question of “Do I roll out my mat today?” the answer is always, unequivocally, yes

Your practice may have changed with time…

Whether you’ve tried different styles of yoga, learned the foundations of poses, or are actually beginning to understand how to breathe while practicing…

…but you still love yoga just as much as you did in the beginning.

…you know that yoga will always be a part of you, no matter what, and that it will always be exciting because there’s always so much more to learn.

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