Tone And Strengthen Your Legs With These Five Yoga Poses

Oct 31, 2020

There’s a style of yoga for every day, mood, student, and goal. Whether you’re looking to ease your mind or break a sweat, there’s a practice for you.

If your goal is to tone your leg muscles and build strength, be sure to include these five poses in your repertoire. Do these poses as a sequence on their own or add this flow to your next full-length practice!

Warrior 2

From Mountain Pose step one foot back and align your front heel with your back arch. Bend your front knee so it’s lined up over your front ankle. Engage both thighs by rotating your front thigh outward and pressing firmly into the outer edge of your back foot. Bring your arms out to your sides, lengthening front fingertip to fingertip, imaging your arms as one long, straight line.

Extended Side Angle

Bend your front elbow and bring your forearm to your front thigh. Bring your back arm overhead so your bicep is above your ear. Be mindful not to collapse into your front leg or dump your weight onto your front thigh - do this by engaging your quadricep and abdominal muscles!


Come back to Mountain Pose and cross one leg over the other. Start to bend your back leg, coming onto the toes of your front foot. Stay here or begin to wrap your front leg around your back leg and test not only your muscles but your balance!

One-Legged Chair

From Eagle, unravel your back leg, keep your front knee bent, and realign your knees - but keep the leg you just unraveled off of the mat, letting it hover! Reach your arms straight out in front of you or elevate them slightly.

Warrior 3

Ground down in your standing foot and straighten your standing leg. Extend your hovering foot all the way behind you, straightening your leg and dialing your back toes down toward the mat so your hips are square. Hinge from your hips so your upper body is parallel with your yoga mat and reach your arms straight out in front of you.

Don’t forget to go back and do this on the other side!

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