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The Essentials for the Perfect Yoga Environment at Home

The Essentials for the Perfect Yoga Environment at Home

If you want to practice yoga, there’s no steadfast rule that says your poses need to be done in the setting of a professional yoga studio. You can practice yoga or just a handful of poses right in the comfort of your own home.

To make your home yoga-ready, here are some essential items you can get in order to create the perfect yoga environment just like your local studio!

Yoga Workout Tools

Yoga Mat

When you’re practicing your downward dog or tree pose, you need to have the right equipment. One essential is a yoga mat, but not just any mat. Make sure the one you use is the right length for you and long enough to let you really stretch out. The LiquidBalance Mat from CleverYoga is longer than your average mat, giving you extra space for the best workout. It has unbeatable non-slip performance and is completely odor free and extremely easy to clean. Since the LiquidBalance Mat it’s made from sustainably harvested, biodegradable tree rubber, it is completely free from PVC, latex and other toxic materials so you can feel at ease knowing you’re using a safe product. Your mat is like your home during your yoga practice, so it should be one that you love!

Yoga Block

To get the most out of a yoga workout, many people use yoga blocks which provide extra stability when you’re getting into and out of a pose. The Yoga Block from CleverYoga is made with durable eco friendly recycled foam, and along with many CleverYoga products, they come with a “Namaste” Lifetime guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the yoga block you receive or if it doesn’t hold up, you can get a free replacement. Always try to find quality yoga products that help you improve your practice.

Yoga Strap

As you’re working on increasing flexibility, a yoga strap is a great addition for your collection of home yoga essentials. A yoga strap can also help you gain strength and improve balance in the comfort of your living room. Over time you’ll see how the yoga strap can help you achieve better technique and form, and a much deeper stretch. Check out CleverYoga’s Yoga Strap to get your blood flowing, lengthen your spine, hamstrings and more.

Balance Pad

Another essential for the perfect yoga environment is a balance pad. Yoga enthusiasts use the balance pad to help train their core. It helps to make various poses more challenging and helps to improve coordination and stability. The CleverYoga Balance Pad also offers support for the knees when transitioning in and out of poses and for anyone who engages in spiritual kneeling practices.

Yoga Mood

Besides needing equipment to improve your yoga workouts at home, you can create the right ambiance to achieve the perfect yoga environment. The Aromatherapy Diffuser from CleverYoga extracts essential oils to fill your home with soothing aromas, and you can choose whatever scent you like! Some oils are more calming while others improve your breathing or give you a little boost of energy. The CleverYoga diffuser also emits light that changes color to provide a calm and tranquil atmosphere.

To take your at home yoga sessions up one more notch, you can also set the mood with the right sounds. This means music that will calm the mind and help you relax or keep you motivated to push through those difficult poses you’ve been wanting to perfect! Spotify and Pandora both have yoga-themed playlists that can bring a little zen into your living room. Try ‘Yoga and Meditation’ on Spotify or ‘Yoga Workout Radio’ on Pandora. Either one will help you achieve the perfect yoga environment at home by helping you quiet and focus your mind as you train mentally and physically.

Having these perfect yoga essentials at your fingertips provides you with everything you need to move and in and out of poses as you get stronger with each breath, at home.


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