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How Yoga Can Help You Save Money


If you’re thinking about how yoga can improve your life, you’ve probably heard about the ways it can make you feel calmer and help to stretch out your muscles.

But, did you know that yoga can also help you save money?

Everyone’s ears always perk up when they hear the words “save money.” Yes, it’s true; yoga can help you save money. Here’s how...

Save on gym memberships.

Yoga doesn’t have to be done in a studio. You can do yoga at home for free! Look up a few poses and hit the mat. No need for an expensive membership when you can get the benefits right at home.

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Save on healthcare & mental health costs.

It’s no secret the price of healthcare in the U.S. has skyrocketed and we’re all paying for it. Why not save money on healthcare by practicing yoga? Studies show that practicing yoga and mindfulness can actually save you money on healthcare costs.

A recent study followed more than 17,000 people for almost four years. During that time, about 4,500 of the participants were enrolled in an 8-week program at the Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine. They were taught yoga, meditation, and mindfulness at the institute, and the remaining people were placed in a control group. Researchers tracked how often both groups went to the doctor and emergency room, as well as how often they used other healthcare services.

The results?

Those who used the mind-body program used their healthcare 43% less compared to those in the control group. This resulted in a savings of nearly $2,400 a year in emergency room visits. Researchers also determined that mindfulness training could save each person anywhere from $640 to $25,000 every year! Sounds like a good deal for doing yoga poses regularly.

Practicing yoga can also save money on mental health costs because it relaxes your mind and helps to put you in a better mood. This boost to your mental health means fewer expenses when it comes to therapists, anti-depression medications, and missed days at work.

Save money on your wardrobe.

When you gain weight, you’re forced to buy new clothes. Practicing yoga helps to keep your weight in check so you won’t need to spend extra money on your wardrobe. Keep wearing the clothes in your closet and spend your money on something else, or save it!

Save money on groceries.

Binge eating is often linked to stress, anxiety, and depression. When people binge on food, they often do it not because they’re hungry, but because they’re looking to feel happy and fill an emptiness they feel inside. People often use food to try to fill that emptiness. But Yoga also fills the emptiness that is associated with binge eating. When you practice yoga, those feelings subside and so does the urge to overeat. And if you’re eating less, you’re able to save on the extra groceries that were never on your shopping list to begin with!

Of all the ways that yoga can save you money and improve your quality of life, why wouldn’t you want to try it or continue your practice?


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