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Clever Yoga - Yoga Therapy for Chronic Conditions

Clever Yoga - Yoga Therapy for Chronic Conditions

At Clever Yoga, we eat, sleep, and breathe yoga. While we enjoy helping our customers integrate our products into their yoga practice, we also love to share advice on utilizing yoga as a powerful tool in your everyday life for overall well-being.

Using yoga as a therapeutic technique can be hugely beneficial for people dealing with chronic conditions such as: fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis – or for those dealing with a minor injury.

Practice gently

The most important thing to remember is that a slow flowing gentle practice is going to be best for those with a chronic neuromuscular or joint-related condition. One of the best things about yoga is that it is completely adaptable – every pose and stretch can be modified to fit your unique and changing needs. Integrating balance-focused yoga postures like warrior, half-moon and tree pose can help to support and strengthen the body.

Additional helpful resources:

  1. Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body: Created for Individuals with Neuromuscular Conditions by Mindy Eisenberg
  2. Yoga for Pain Relief – by Kelly McGonigal (created for those with chronic pain or fibromyalgia)
  3. Evergreen Health videos – (for those with MS)

Find relief with local support

The health and wellness departments in your local hospital can provide additional literature and information on therapeutic techniques on how to best manage your condition. Yoga is now widely offered internally in hospitals or clinics; these classes are catered to those dealing with specific type of chronic pain. Utilizing these classes and joining a local or online support group can not only help your condition, but can also provide a sense of community alongside others who deal with similar ailments.


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