Tips And Poses for Pre- and Postnatal Yoga

May 13, 2021
  1. What are some of the biggest benefits for women practicing prenatal and postnatal yoga?

Many view yoga as a holistic preparation for delivery and a comprehensive way to stay healthy during pregnancy through mindful movement, meditation and pranayama. Yoga helps pregnant yoginis to increase mother’s energy, improve the mood, relieve discomfort and pains associated with normal body changes and allows for a deeper bonding between the mother and the child through the exploration of the body. On a long run, yoga also helps to prevent uterus prolapse, incontinence and helps to recover after the delivery faster.

  1. What kind of advice would you give an expectant mother who is interested in trying yoga for the first time?

DO IT! You will love how you feel right after the class! If you are new to yoga or haven’t practiced in a while - make sure you start with a prenatal yoga class, though. Please don’t expect a yoga instructor in a regular class to know all the modifications for pregnancy. Head straight to prenatal instead and enjoy the community of like-minded mothers joining the energies to keep their bodies and minds healthy and happy!

  1. What are some props you recommend yogis have when practicing pre and post natal yoga?

I recommend ALL props:) Pregnancy and postpartum is not exactly the time to be stretching, as relaxin hormone (released during pregnancy and breastfeeding) affects muscles, ligaments and joints. Estrogen and progesterone soften smooth muscle tissues to allow uterus expansion. Relaxin loosens ligaments to allow pelvic girdle expansion for delivery. Thus, leading to unstable joints. This is very important - concentrate on strengthening and stabilizing muscles and joints versus performing excessive stretching. For that, I use all the props for prenatal, postnatal classes! An absolute must is 2 blocks, a yoga strap and a bolster. I also recommend yoga blankets and Clever Yoga Balance Pad is helpful for head or knee support.

  1. What are some of your favorite poses for prenatal? Some of your favorite poses for post natal?

Top 5 Prenatal Poses:

Cat/Cow - for whole body stretch

Balancing Table Top - (Lifting opposite hand and leg from table top) for core engagement and strengthening of the limbs

Goddess pose -  for squatting/ opening the pelvis

Bound Angle Pose - for hips release

Legs up the wall - to prevent swelling, varicose veins and arches collapse when your feet become one size bigger

Top 5 Postnatal Poses:

Child’s Pose - grounds during postpartum chaos and stretches the back

Cat/Cow - gentle way to stretch and release tension

Downdog - to strengthen arms (holding your baby requires lots of strength) and to release low back 

Pigeon pose - to unwind, stretch and surrender

Cobra pose - to counteract rounding forward while caring for baby or breastfeeding

Note: the list of postnatal poses will vary based on how far along on your postnatal journey you are, whether you have diastasic recti or any issues with pelvic floor muscles. 

  1. Where can people find you and practice with you?

I’m right here on Insta for you! @mylayoga :) Los Angeles is slowly opening up after a year of lock down and I’m offering classes via zoom for anyone around the globe:) Always feel free to reach out with any questions! Also send dm for a free prenatal guide “Don’ts and Dos’ on Prenatal Yoga”


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