3 Influencers Share Their #Selfcare Rituals

Mar 24, 2021

Self-care is important. In the hectic routine that is life, it sometimes takes the backseat. And in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, this may perhaps be even more true as staying home has become … mundane.

We asked three members of the Clever Yoga community to share their #selfcare rituals – including Instagram versus reality!

Morning Matters

“When I need a little self care, I always start with a nice yoga sesh to get my body moving 🤸🏼‍♀️ afterwards I meditate and then journal. 📝 I usually make myself a cup of tea and write down my thoughts or just anything I am grateful for 🙏🏼” - @nataliee_yoga

5 Staples Every Morning

Watch this video from @she_gathers_wellness to hear her five morning rituals (or later-in-the-day rituals if things are crazy!).


Instagram Versus Reality…

@mylayoga kept it real by sharing her “ideal” morning staples (re – what makes it on the ‘gram) versus what actually goes on every AM.

Ideal morning ritual(instagram morning🙈🤣🙈):

Tongue scraping

Oil pulling


Gua Sha facial massage

20 min yoga practice

5 min meditation

Water with lemon

Fresh squeezed juice!



Tongue scraping

Water with lemon

Celery juice



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