Three Tips To Help Quiet Your Mind During Yoga

Three Tips To Help Quiet Your Mind During Yoga
Do you feel your mind racing during yoga class, when all you want to do is relax? 
If you can relate, here are three simple tips to help quiet your mind during yoga. 

1. Understand The Basics Of Meditation

Many people believe meditating properly means having a completely blank mind, but that’s simply not true. 

In reality, during meditation, you will still have thoughts, both deep and mundane.

Let the thoughts in, acknowledge their presence, then let them float away again without dwelling on them. Jon Kabat-Zinn, a mindfulness and meditation expert, said, “It is best to hold to and honor one’s own direct experience, and not worry too much about whether this is what you are supposed to feel or see or think about.”  

Once you let go of your desire for perfectionism and a completely blank mind, you will be able to relax and experience your yoga class in the moment, which is what mindfulness and meditation are all about.

2. Practice Every Day

We live in a world that feels like it’s moving faster than ever. Being busy is rewarded while doing nothing is often looked down upon.  

However, practicing meditation, and doing “nothing” daily, is actually very healthy for the mind.

SELF-magazine reports that “Meditating actually changes your brain, and with it, the way your body responds to stress. Which works wonders on depression, anxiety...”

Make time every day to practice meditating with a quiet mind. It will feel unnatural at first, but soon you’ll learn that it’s okay to let your brain relax!  

As you get more practice in shutting off that little voice that nags you to always be productive, it will be easier to quiet your mind during yoga class.

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3. Use The Proper Gear

Learning to quiet your mind during yoga class can be hard with the wrong gear.  How can you meditate in a downward dog pose if all your brain power is focused on not slipping and falling over?

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Ensuring that you have quality gear that works with you instead of against you is essential to being able to quiet your mind during yoga class. 

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One of the best benefits of yoga is not to the body, but to the mind.

Learning what mindfulness really is, practicing daily, and ensuring you have the proper gear are three simple steps to achieving a quiet mind during your daily yoga session.         

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