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LiquidBalance Premium Yoga Mat & Carrying Bag
from $98.00
The LiquidBalance Yoga Mat provides excellent traction for people looking to take their poses to the next level. The master grip and water absorbent middle layer cushion support your asanas while maintaining a solid connection to the ground so you...
Starter Yoga Mat
This is the ultimate mat for people who are just starting with yoga, people who deal with joint/knee pain, or people just looking for a quality low-cost mat. Our high-density thick mat provides the perfect amount of cushioning to support your joi...
Hot Yoga Mat/Travel Mat (Thin)
Meet the most versatile travel yoga mat on the market, YogiOnTheGo. Designed to fit into most luggage and backpacks as the mat can be folded or rolled. It is also the perfect topper for any type of hot yoga as the grip is moisture activated and th...
LiquidBalance Travel Mat and Carrying Case
  The LiquidBalance Travel Mat has all of the benefits of the regular mat, just slightly thinner and better for travel. The LiquidBalance Travel Mat provides excellent traction for advanced yogis looking to take their poses to the next level. The...