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LiquidBalance Yoga Mat & Carrying Bag

LiquidBalance Yoga Mat & Carrying Bag


LiquidBalance Yoga Mat & Carrying Bag


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The LiquidBalance Yoga Mat provides excellent traction from day one. Grippy, cushy and spacious, it will support your asanas while maintaining a solid connection to the ground so you feel comfortable and secure throughout your practice. You’ll never use another yoga mat again.

Measurement:  The LiquidBalance wide yoga mat is the optimal combination of cushioning and stability. The 4.5mm cushion base delivers comfort while providing a sturdy, grounded feel to keep you stable and supported in every pose. REGULAR mat is extra long (72.8") and extra wide (26.8"). The EXTRA LONG yoga mat (84.2") is ideal for those who need more room to spread out

Materials:  Made with sustainably harvested, biodegradable tree rubber, mat is.completely free from PVC, latex and other toxic materials.

Care Instructions: To clean, simply wipe mat conservatively with a soft cloth containing a heavily diluted mixture of mild soap and water.

Guarantee: At Clever Yoga, we want you to be 100% satisfied with our products and service. If you are dissatisfied any time in the future, our special Namaste warranty provides you a no-questions-asked refund!

What our customer says:

I have been so happy with this mat over the last 2 years I've ordered every color! My first mat still looks amazing and functions like new. For $120 this is a steal and would gladly pay $200 for a mat like this. Perfection!. -- Quipson

It is made of high quality, clean material. Being good to the environment is very important to me so I was impressed that the LiquidBalance mat doesn’t have any toxic glues or other cruddy material. One of the layers is made from natural tree rubber but the top coat is like a protective barrier that keeps bacteria from absorbing into the rubber -- KLouisville

This mat allows for me to go through a one hour class without slipping around. My feet stayed planted, unless by my own fault I can’t hold a pose. I love the added bonus of tbe carrying bag that came with the yoga mat.-- Angel27

LiquidBalance Premium Yoga Mat

Perfect mat. Perfect practice.

  • No slipping and sliding

    Stay planted with a non-slip grip, even while exploring new limits.
  • Eco-friendly

    Made with sustainably harvested and processed natural tree rubber which is 100% biodegradable.
  • Stay comfortable

    Soft yet dense cushion under your joints. Thick padding gives the perfect amount of resilience and give. The ends will not roll - they lay perfectly flat due to the natural rubber base. Extra-Long (72.8") and Extra-Wide (26.8").
  • Body-friendly

    No toxic chemicals, PVC or latex. Bottom layer is natural tree rubber. Layers are bound by heat, no toxic glues.
LiquidBalance Yoga Mat & Carrying Bag