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Thin Travel Mat/Towel Mat

Thin Travel Mat/Towel Mat


Thin Travel Mat/Towel Mat


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Meet the most versatile travel yoga mat on the market, YogiOnTheGo. Designed to fit into most luggage and backpacks as the mat can be folded or rolled. It is also the perfect topper for any type of hot yoga as the grip is moisture activated and the whole mat is machine washable.

Measurement: 24" x 71" and is just 1mm thick, the mat weighs approx 2 lbs but this can vary due to the natural material.

Materials: Base: all-natural tree rubber. Top Layer: moisture activated microfiber.

Care Instructions: Machine washable and dryable.

Guarantee: At Clever Yoga, we want you to be 100% satisfied with our products and service. If you are dissatisfied any time in the future, our special Namaste warranty provides you a no-questions-asked refund!

What our customer says:
It’s the perfect mat for traveling because it folds up. I travel a lot and cringe at the idea of using a stinky studio mat. Problem solved! This travel mat has a super nice non-slip texture and it fits perfectly right on top of a studio mat. I have experimented a little and discover that I get the best grip with a small amount of moisture on the mat. I’ve washed this gem a few times and it’s come out of the washer and dryer looking brand new! -- Alice

This Clever Yoga washable mat is my new best friend. I have already washed it three times and it's still as great as it was on day one. I am a man who leans towards simplicity, and this mat screams simplicity! Simple to carry because it's so light weight. Simple to clean, just toss in the washer. I don't need to lug around my other yoga mat with a towel anymore when I do hot yoga. -- STARKEY.

Travel often and finally broke down and purchased a proper travel yoga mat to do yoga in the hotel room. This mat was perfect for travel. It folds up easily and has a nice carrying bag with it. I placed it at the bottom of my suitcase and put clothes on top of it.-- D. Gainor