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Yoga Wheel


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The yoga wheel is a prop that helps you with stretches, backbends, and inversions supporting you in a variety of poses to take your practice to the next level. This wheel feels amazing on the back – like a mini yoga class and chiropractor visit all in one.





Along with aiding in flexibility, the yoga wheel helps to counteract strain from texting, computer work, and driving…all the daily movements that cause neck tension and poor posture. The innovative round wheel helps yogis of every age and experience level.

We designed this wheel to be larger and wider than most, adding safety and versatility to postures. It’s large enough to accommodate two feet, enhancing poses like high plank, knees to chest, and core work – yet it’s narrow enough to provide a deep opening stretch for your back.

Large 15.75" for 5'6" & Taller Yogis and Medium 12.6" for 5'5" & Shorter Yogis.

  • SAFELY ENHANCE YOUR YOGA PRACTICE. You are protected by the wheel's sturdy wide frame and thick padding on BOTH sides. Tested by our team of yogis, we designed it wider (5.8" versus others at 5.0" wide) so that there is room for both feet to rest on and so that the back can open and release.
  • OPEN TIGHT CHEST, SHOULDERS AND SPINE. Drape your back onto the sturdy frame, feel restrictions melt away, improve posture and restore the spine.
  • IMPROVE FLEXIBILITY. The strong frame allows you to sink your body weight onto the support to deepen back bends, allowing you to glide up into your back bends during yoga class with less effort and more freedom.
  • WANT MORE SUPPORT AS WELL AS CHALLENGE IN YOUR POSES? Our step by step pose guide will take you from warm up, through build up and cool down for a full yoga sequence. Beginners through advanced yogis will love this wonderful prop.
  • A SAFE INVESTMENT WITH OUR SPECIAL "NAMASTE" WARRANTY. Our wheel is the only one on the market that has double sided padding, allowing for a more comfortable grip with the hands and feet, inside and out. Holds up to 660 pounds. BPA free, the ABS frame is sturdier and more environmentally safe than the other PVC pipe wheels. With our lifetime warranty, if you are not 100% satisfied, we will replace it or give you a full refund, no questions asked.


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