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Totally doable even for complete beginners!

This is a really great yoga wheel. I'm an absolute beginner and I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I've been working for several months on exercising and proving my health and fitness so I was excited to try something new. I wasn't sure if I would be able to use it because I've never been very good at yoga and I thought it might be too advanced for me but I wanted to give it a try anyway. This is a very sturdy wheel and it's covered on the outside and inside with a non slip material that is like a yoga mat material. It comes with a big poster full of different poses for beginner, intermediate and advanced. I started working through the beginner poses. Some of them were doable and some were not just because I'm not very flexible. I was surprised to be able to do some of the intermediate and advanced poses with some modification. One of the advanced moves is to plank and alternate lifting one leg. Well I just did the plank without the leg lift and it was challenging enough (still feeling it two days later!). Some of these moves I know I would be able to do before I had my last baby but I'm still working back up to that level of fitness. If you're on the fence about trying this because you think it might be too hard, give it a shot and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can do.”
- Emily
Great for increasing flexiiblity and balance. AS well as loosening tight muscles.

So I purchased this wheel to help increase my flexibility and to share with my friend as we attend yoga classes and practice on our own. I can say she is a lot more flexible than I am. This wheel has durable foam sides with a hard plastic frame. This allows for comfort while maintaining stability no matter what weight is put upon it. It comes with a large illustrated diagram of beginner poses, intermediate poses, and advanced poses. I use this a lot as a reference since I am just a beginner at yoga and want to make the most out of it. This wheel is best used on non slick surfaces. Having a yoga mat becomes almost invaluable. Though, carpet works great or rugs if you do not have a mat readily available. Routine use and prolonged periods while in poses will increase flexibility immensely. I plan on incorporating this into my daily routine at home to help work the tension out of my shoulders and neck. This wheel can be used not only for yoga but the stretching and strengthening of tight muscles. I have found certain poses are great for loosening and working my mid back and tricep muscles.”
- Amanda
So Versatile and Fun to Use

My daughter suggested that I get this wheel to help relax my upper body. I have trouble getting up and down from the floor because of a bad knee but I do have to say that after I get myself on the ground, I am able to lean back on the wheel and relax. My husband helps me position my “stretching station” against a wall with my yoga mat and wheel close to the wall for support. I just take it slow, place the wheel long ways along my spine, and relax into it. The wheel has also been a great prop for my 14 year old granddaughter. She is very adventurous and experiments with the wheel under my supervision. We also watch very informative videos on Youtube showing how to properly stretch with the wheel and it’s been a great summer time activity for the two of us. I truly love this great tool!”
- A Good Man's Wife
Love this Yoga Wheel!

This product is pretty cool! When I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion, it was HONESTLY my first time ever hearing about this type of yoga product and I was excited to give it a go! This product came in a box showing exactly what you are getting. The box included also a fairly large folded up insert that shows some poses for Beginner, Intermediate and Advance Users. On top of the insert, this company also has a YouTube channel with some helpful videos for beginners plus videos for intermediate and advance yoga which show different ways their products can be used and are easy to understand for beginners like me which is a huge plus. I’ve found that using this wheel has helped me to achieve some poses that were difficult before due to some physical limitations caused by my worsening Rheumatoid Arthritis as Fibromyalgia. I must say that I have fallen in love with this company and their overall amazing products that they offer! It also great to know that the company has so much faith in their product that they say “With our lifetime warranty, if you are not 100% satisfied, we will replace it or give you a full refund, no questions asked.” I love doing business with companies like this because it gives me peace of mind in the quality of products.”
- Diana S

Very impressed with quality and fast delivery.”
- maryswimz
Very impressed with quality and fast delivery.

I purchased this with the intent of improving my strength and flexibility. The wheel is covered on both the inside and outside and is very durable. A sheet is included with different exercises for beginners, intermediate and advanced. The company has great customer service and was quick to respond to inquiries. I highly recommend this yoga wheel!”
- J DeBeeld
Great Yoga Wheel for Stretching.

I have had my eye on a yoga wheel for quite some time. I have really rounded shoulders from sitting at a computer for work. I felt intimidated by and apprehensive with purchasing one because it looked like only super athletic, bendy women were depicted using the wheel. There is one at a yoga studio I go to and I’ve only seen the wheel being used for moves that are way beyond my level. Anyway, I was on YouTube just last week and saw some wonderful videos of a real life, strong but shapely gal moving through sequences using the wheel, some of which were at the beginner level! That totally sold me. I finally felt like I could actually use this really innovative prop without hurting myself. I use my yoga wheel, watching the YouTube videos as well as for stretching my chest and shoulders on my own. In addition, this is a great yoga wheel prop because it has soft padding on the inside and outside so I can grab onto to it without a hard surface hurting me. My wheel came with a beautiful, large poster with pictures from beginner, intermediate, and advanced poses. I couldn’t be happier with my yoga wheel!”
- Quipson
A great product with some new experience!

A friend recommended the yoga wheel to me because I round my shoulders a lot and I work at a desk all day. I was really intimidated by the wheel when it arrived but I received a lot of great advice from Clever Yoga, with tips on how to ease into using it. They also have really nice videos online with things for beginnings, like me, to do. I have to say, I can tell a huge difference in how much more relaxed my upper body feels. After work every day, I lay face up on the wheel and feel “snap crackle pop”. I can even breathe easier. Clever Yoga tells me that’s because my breathing muscles are relaxing. Yea!! I’m still a little hesitant to try some of the more advanced suggestions with it but I am going to pace myself and ease into the more difficult stretches. I can’t recommend this more. It’s a great addition to my well care “arsenal”.”
- Alice
Holy cow, it opens your back!

Firstly, I received this product at a discounted price. Secondly, the yoga wheel is really cool. It did have a funky scent that didn't last long, and it was a lot heavier than I expected. I ordered the medium size, and it weighs approximately 4lbs. The grip feels really nice and grippy. I also wasn't really sure what to expect with this product so I tried a few of the poses listed in the info-packet. With the yoga wheel, you really open up your back, chest, anything. It really does help you find more opportunities for improvement in your yoga practice. I like how the user is able to start a pose then roll the wheel closer or farther away for a different feel. It's like a mobile block/bolster. If you're still curious if the yoga wheel is for you, I would definitely suggest getting one if you're interested in strengthening your back through increased flexibility from the wheel.”
- Beckysnail
Awesome yoga wheel!!!

Finally, my first yoga wheel!!! I have had my eye on these for awhile, but honestly have been intimidated. I have been practicing yoga for about 6 years and am at an intermediate level. All the yoga bloggers I follow that use these seem to all be advanced. But I went for it, and I am loving it!! It has padding on both the inside and outside, comes in a beautiful purple, and includes a great poster with beginning, intermediate, and advanced poses using the wheel. It is high quality, at an affordable price. The only thing I'm upset about, is taking so long to purchase one!! Thanks, Clever Yoga!! *I received this product at a discount price for my honest review.”
- Ryan Rhodes
Which it will be the perfect size for one day

This wheel is a sore back's dream! I intended on using it to accelerate my back bend flexibility... which it will be the perfect size for one day... but for now it is so stable and it has so much padding I've been using it to roll my back after class. It doesn't move around and it is so gentle on my back. Perfect amount of give in the material so I get a good stretch with no pain from the wheel itself.”
- Amazon Customer
Love my new wheel!

The padding on the wheel is just enough for comfort. I also love that it is on the inside to help with gripping the wheel. The color is fun and purple is one of my favorite colors! I did receive a discount on the wheel. I have a dharma wheel too and I can say the Clever yoga wheel is less expensive even at full price and is much my suited for my needs.”
- Jennifer
Great core building tool (and heart opener)!

Purchased mainly for heart/chest openers but discovered it's also a great tool to build core strength. Fun to play with and helps align. Way more options than you'd think you could do with a wheel.”
- kristin barber
Great quality tool to deepen your practice

I love this! I haven't used a yoga wheel before, but I've always been curious. I love that there are different sizes for different heights of people. The wheel is sturdy with a cushiony surface on top and on the inside. It also comes with a poster that shows all sorts of ways that it could be used. I've loved including it in my practice so far and can't wait to keep using it. I received a discount on this wheel in exchange for writing an honest review on this product, and this is a product I honestly love to use. Highly recommend!”
- Brenna Daugherty
Great for taking your yoga to the next level

This yoga wheel has been great. I use it almost everyday to stretch and weekly for more advanced yoga. It feels very comfortable and sturdy. I feel like it has helped my posture and definitely improved some challenge yoga poses.”
- Katie