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Tips On How To Use Your Hand Grips

There are so many great uses for your hand grips. Just by taking a few minutes each day, you will notice better hand endurance which basically means that the more you squeeze, the more the muscles in your forearms and hands will become stronger. For instance, you will be able to hold onto a heavy suitcase or the handles of heavy shopping bags with greater ease after using the hand grips.

Exercising with your hand grips also helps with forearm strength. When you squeeze your hands closed, it’s actually our lower arm extensors and flexors that are doing a lot of that work. We have tiny muscles in our hands but the big forearm muscles thin out to become tendons in our hands. So, squeezing with the hand grips will give you more developed forearms.

Don’t worry, the likelihood of your forearms looking like Popeye’s are slim but you will notice more tone to the forearms for sure! Healthy forearms ward off carpal tunnel syndrome as well! So, in the same way that the forearm muscles will become more developed, the tiny muscles in the hands and fingers will also become stronger and more exercised.

Fresh oxygen and blood will flow to that area which will really assist in preventing conditions like arthritis, tendonitis and trigger finger. Keep it simple with using the hand grips. You have a light, medium, and heavy hand grip. Start out using the light grip and if it is very easy right out of the gate, move up to the medium. Good rule of thumb is that you should never feel a cramping in the palm of the hand or any sharp pain in the fingers or hand while squeezing.

The Hand grips have little indentations where your fingers will sit. Find a comfortable seat or stand with feet hips width apart. Hold the hand grip in one hand and squeeze. Hold for 5 seconds and release. Repeat 10 times and rest for a few minutes. Repeat for another set of 10 repetitions and rest. Listen to your body. Gradually increase the repetitions if strength is a real challenge or if you already have arthritis, tendonitis, or another condition. Build up slow and steady and remember to breath and smile!!