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My Knee Loves This Mat

I have been looking for a thicker yoga mat to support my cranky knee. I am also very environmentally conscious so it is important that my mat be eco-friendly. I really love the Natree Natural Rubber Mat. It is heavier than some mats but that’s ok because the support I receive on my joints is top notch. The mat has a slight rubber smell, which Clever Yoga disclosed, but I really don’t mind the slight scent. It tells me that this mat is all natural. It definitely pays to spend a little extra money for a good quality mat. I bought so many cheap, poorly made mats. This mat is a keeper!”
- A Good Man's Wife
Great grippy mat!

I love my new Clever Yoga mat. I tend to sweat a lot during practice and I was able to keep my grip on the mat. And the blue is a bright fun color!! The mat feels very durable and provides good cushion for my knees.”
- Jennifer
I love this mat!!!

I love my Clever Yoga mat!! It's thick (just how I like it), grippy (great for a sweater, like me), and the quality is great. I like it better than my Manduka mat, which has a much stronger rubber smell and is so grippy that I can't even flow on it. My husband also loves it, so thinking I'll need to order a second!! *I received this product at a discount price for my honest review.”
- Ryan Rhodes
This mat has the perfect amount of cushion and stability

This mat has the perfect amount of cushion and stability. My hands grip well with little movement even in a warm room with a little sweat. Its a great size with a very soft texture making it a perfect spot for my stretching!”
- Amazon Customer
My favorite yoga mat!!

I decided to invest in a high quality mat after using a lot of inexpensive mats. I decided on this one because it is made out of natural tree rubber and because of its anti-slip surface. Also, I’ve ordered a few other products from Clever Yoga and have been extremely impressed with their customer service. I can’t believe the difference this mat has made for me! I feel so much more stable with my grip and the thickness keeps my elbows and knees from hurting. When I first got the mat, I did notice a “rubber” like smell which seems to be slowly dissipating. Clever Yoga explained that the smell is normal because the mat is made from all natural material. Now I’ve actually come to like the faint scent. I practice hot yoga and sweat a lot. This mat keeps its grip and is super easy to clean. I really love it!”
- Alice
Sweat doesnt absorb, grips well and doesnt absorb like a sponge

I have been using a manduka mat for a while and needed another mat for car and studio. The top is very similar to a manduka so it grips and repels sweat and cleans great without retaining smell (as most mats do). The benefit I found over my manduka is the bottom material is more pliable so it's much nicer on a hard surface.”
- Kristin Barber
Great grip

This mat is very different from others I have owned! You can immediately tell when you unroll it that it has a different texture. It is great for grip and you feel stable throughout your practice. The mat feels supportive during headstands even with out folding it over. It is heavier than other mats I own but the benefits are worth it. I typically feel like my hands are slipping around on other mats, but it has not been an issue with this. I did receive this product at discount for an honest review”
- Katie
Sturdy, grippy, supportive mat!

Disclaimer- I was offered a discount in exchange for an honest review on this yoga mat. Honestly? I love it. It a really sturdy heavy May that offers great support to my bony knees, with ought being so squishy that the heels of my hands dig down in down dog. Its also really grippy and I love that the underside is super grippy too, so you never feel like the mat will slip and slide around on the floor. A great product!!!”
- Brenna Daugherty