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Q: I am new to yoga and have no idea where to begin. Help!!

A: Never fear, you’ve got this great yoga kit with everything you need!!! We have some wonderful youTube videos that take you step by step through yoga postures as well as full-on classes! Just click here

Q: The included mat is nice and cushiony but how do I care for it?

A: This mat is super easy to clean in a minute or less. No fancy or expensive cleaner needed. Simply hose off your sweat and leave the mat outside to dry, or wipe it dry with a soft cloth right away. The mat will not smell like the others because the BetterGrip yoga mat is made of close-cell material which will not keep your sweat inside the mat. Some folks prefer to wash their mat with mild diluted mixture of soap and water and then they pat dry or air dry.

Q: I’ve heard the yoga strap can help with posture. How so??

A: Here is a great way to work on opening up your shoulders and chest—perfect after sitting in front of a computer or driving all day (these photos come from a Utube video using our Clever Yoga strap): Place the strap around the back of your neck. Wrap the two straps under your underarms and cross them behind your back. Bring the ends around to the front of your body and connect the strap through the buckle. Pull until you feel your upper back straightening.

Q: There are two yoga blocks in my kit. How do I use these?

A: There are a lot of uses for your yoga block. For instance, a block can help develop balance and strength. If you have trouble holding a yoga pose, like crescent lunge, a yoga block literally brings the earth up to you, so you can settle into the posture with more ease and support, and focus on better balance and proper alignment.

If one of your goals is to increase your flexibility, the yoga block is a great tool. For example, while in triangle pose, a yoga block can allow the hamstrings to open more and for the chest and shoulders to broaden. A block helps establish a firm foundation which, in turns, allows the upper body to become more flexible.

Q: Does the yoga kit come with a warranty?

A: Absolutely! You are protected by our “Namaste” lifetime guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the kit or if it doesn’t hold up for you, we will replace it free of charge, no questions asked.

Q: I love your products! How can I stay in touch with Clever Yoga?

A: We love to connect with our customers. Clever Yoga is on Facebook (Clever Yoga Facebook Page), Instagram (#gocleveryoga), Twitter (@gocleveryoga), and Pinterest (Clever Yoga). You can also join our free VIP Club to receive special tips and discounts, win free stuff, and be the first to learn when we launch new products! Join Now.