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Clever Yoga Kit

Q: I am new to yoga and have no idea where to begin. Help!!
A: Never fear, you’ve got this great yoga kit with everything you need!!! We have some wonderful youTube videos that take you step by step through yoga postures as well as full-on classes! Just click here

Q: The included mat is nice and cushiony but how do I care for it?

A: This mat is super easy to clean in a minute or less, just wipe it down with your favorite mat cleaner or just soap and water. The mat is made of closed-cell material so will not absorb any sweat or moisture. If the mat is wet after cleaning or practice just leave to air dry or wipe down with a dry cloth. 

Q: How do I use my yoga stra?

A: There are three main uses for your yoga strap. The first is for Yogic purposes, if you have trouble holding a yoga pose or have trouble "connecting" the appropriate limbs you can assist with the strap. The second is to increase your flexibility by using the strap to bridge the gap in stretches. The third is for stretch and physical rehabilitation. This is why you're seeing yoga straps more in Physical Therapy settings. Just be sure to work through your own range of motion and never stretch to the point of pain.

Q: There are two yoga blocks in my kit. How do I use these?

A:You can use these for developing balance and strength, increasing flexibility or for support in more passive postures.