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Clever Yoga Wheel

Q: I love the idea of opening up my body using the wheel but I need some guidance on how to use it.
A: We have made three short videos (beginner, intermediate and advanced), with guided instruction from warm up through cool down using your wheel. We also have three beautiful video montages showing poses, from beginner through advanced. Just scroll down to the bottom of this FAQ sheet for all of the links.
Q: How do I care for my yoga wheel?
A: Caring for your yoga wheel is very simple. Just spot clean with a mild soap and water.
Q: Is the yoga wheel environmentally safe?
A: Yes! The Clever Yoga pipe frame is made out of strong ABS material, unlike the other wheels on the market which are made of the weaker, painted PVC. 
Q: I notice after I use the wheel, there are foot print “smudges”.
A: It is very common to see light smudges after use. Just use very mild, diluted soap and water to clean and lightly pat dry.
Q: I really want some ideas for working out with my new yoga wheel.
A: We have some great youTube videos using the yoga wheel! Just click here