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Q: What are the towels used for?

A: Your large towel is most often used on a yoga mat. It protects the mat and absorbs sweat during hot yoga practices. The smaller hand towel is widely used to wipe the sweat off the face. The towels are also used during pilates and gym workouts. We’ve heard from customers who use the towels at home, directly on their carpet to practice yoga as well as at the beach. People report using the towels on a picnic, at the pool, and even at a campsite!


Q: How do I use the large towel during yoga?

A: Yogis use the large towel in a variety of ways and it really depends on how your hands and feet warm or sweat before and during practice. First, try placing the towel on your mat and lightly spray or drizzle water on the towel where your hands and your feet are most likely to land. Lots of folks feel they are able to get a great “grip” this way. Others sprinkle water directly on their mat and then place the towel over it. We have also heard from yogis who wait until they start sweating and then they place the dry towel on the mat. There are lots of different ways to use the towel during yoga practice and you may need to experiment with this.

Q: Do the towels come with a warranty?

A: Absolutely. Clever Yoga has a “Namaste” Lifetime Guarantee- if you’re not 100% satisfied we will replace them free of charge!! 

Q: What are the towels made of?

A: The towels consist of premium, lightweight, 100% microfiber which is super absorbent and quick drying.

Q: How do I clean the towels?

A: Wash your towels separately the first few times to make sure there is no bleeding. Do not use fabric softener as this will ruin the absorbent quality of the micro fiber. After the first few washes, you can wash on a regular cycle and tumble dry.

Q: I just received the towels. They aren’t as soft as I expected.

A: Your towels will definitely soften after a few washes.

Q: Why do I need to use a towel during yoga?

A: Having a towel over your yoga mat which creates grip will allow you to focus on your yoga practice because you won’t slip or slide. Having a towel will also save time you’d spend wiping sweat off your mat since the towel is super absorbent. It will add an element of safety to your yoga practice if you sweat a great deal.


Q: I really want to use my balance pad for working out and building up a strong core. What exercises do you recommend?

A: We have some great youTube videos using the balance pad! Just click here.

Q: I love your products! How can I stay in touch with Clever Yoga?

A: We love to connect with our customers. Clever Yoga is on Facebook (Clever Yoga Facebook Page), Instagram (#gocleveryoga), Twitter (@gocleveryoga), and Pinterest (Clever Yoga). You can also join our free VIP Club to receive special tips and discounts, win free stuff, and be the first to learn when we launch new products! Join Now.