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Clever Yoga Towels

Q: What are the towels used for?

A: Your large towel is most often used on a yoga mat. It protects the mat and absorbs sweat during hot yoga practices. The smaller hand towel is widely used to wipe the sweat off the face. 

Q: What are the towels made of?

A: The towels consist of premium, lightweight, 100% microfiber which is super absorbent and quick drying.

Q: How do I clean the towels?

A: Wash your towels separately the first few times to make sure there is no bleeding. Do not use fabric softener as this will ruin the absorbent quality of the microfiber. After the first few washes, you can wash on a regular cycle and tumble dry.

Q: I just received the towels. They aren’t as soft as I expected.

A: Your towels will definitely soften after a few washes.