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Clever Yoga Strap

Q: How do I use the yoga strap?

A: There are three main uses for your yoga strap. The first is for Yogic purposes, if you have trouble holding a yoga pose or have trouble "connecting" the appropriate limbs you can assist with the strap. The second is to increase your flexibility by using the strap to bridge the gap in stretches. The third is for stretch and physical rehabilitation. This is why you're seeing yoga straps more in Physical Therapy settings. Just be sure to work through your own range of motion and never stretch to the point of pain.

Q: What is the strap made out of and how do I care for it?

A: The strap is made out of 100% natural cotton. We recommend washing it separately using a mild soap the first time to make sure the color doesn’t bleed.

Q: The material is a little rough.

A: After a few washes, the strap will definitely soften. We wanted a really durable strap, made of high quality material. Give it time to break it in.

Q: I really want to use my strap for working out and building up a strong core. What exercises do you recommend?

A: We have some great youTube videos using the yoga strap! Just click here.