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Clever Yoga Mat Strap Sling

Q: How do I use the mat strap sling?

A: Your yoga mat strap consists of two large end loops and a long connecting strap. After rolling up your yoga mat, loosen one of the end loops and slide the loop around the end of your yoga mat. Shorten the loop so that it fits snug around the yoga mat.Loosen the other end loop and slide the loop around the opposite end of your yoga mat. Shorten this loop so that the yoga mat is secure. Swing the long, loose strap around one shoulder and allow the yoga mat to rest comfortably against your back for easy transport.

Q: Does the mat strap sling come with a warranty?

A: Absolutely! You are protected by our “Namaste” lifetime guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the mat strap sling or if it doesn’t hold up for you, we will replace it free of charge, no questions asked.

Q: What is the mat strap sling made out of and how do I care for it?

A: The mat strap sling is made out of 100% natural cotton. We recommend washing the sling separately using a mild soap the first time to make sure the color doesn’t bleed.

Q: I feel the strap is a little rough when I first received it. Will it soften?

A: Yes, the sling will definitely soften after a few uses and especially after the first wash. The sling is made of tight weave cotton material to ensure you have a really durable mat strap sling, which will last for years.

Q: Are there some other uses for the mat strap sling?

A: Yes! A lot of yogis use it in place of a yoga strap. For instance, we’ve heard customers use the strap sling for dancer’s pose, seated forward fold, and supported high plank. Other folks use the sling to carry lawn chairs and crafts! For those yogis who use two mats, they are able to widen the loops and report that two mats fit comfortably in the sling.

Q: I really want to use my mat strap sling for working out and building up a strong core. What exercises do you recommend?

A: We have some great youTube videos using our yoga strap. You can use the mat strap sling in place of the strap! Just click here.

Q: I love your products! How can I stay in touch with Clever Yoga?

A: We love to connect with our customers. Clever Yoga is on Facebook (Clever Yoga Facebook Page), Instagram (#gocleveryoga), Twitter (@gocleveryoga), and Pinterest (Clever Yoga). You can also join our free VIP Club to receive special tips and discounts, win free stuff, and be the first to learn when we launch new products! Join Now.



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