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Q: How can I tell when my ball is fully inflated?

A: You can pump the ball up to 10cm over the diameter. So, if you purchased a 65cm ball, it can be inflated to 75cm (just take a tape measure and measure from floor to top of ball). Some folks are afraid they will inflate the ball too much. Don’t be The ball should be perfectly round and very firm. Be sure to insert the plug completely in the hole for a tight seal.

Q: Does the ball come with a warranty?

A: Absolutely. Clever Yoga has a “Namaste” Lifetime Guarantee- if you’re not 100% satisfied we will replace it free of charge!!

Q: Is the exercise ball environmentally safe?

A: Yes! Made of 100% top grade material, the ball is free of BPA, latex, and phthalates.

Q: I can’t get the plug out of the hole to pump more air in my ball. Help!!

A: The product package should come with a plug remover. Just work the remover around the plug. You might need to wiggle it in to get under the rim of the plug. Another quick way to remove the plug is to use a coin or butter knife (not a sharp knife!!) and wiggle it under the plug.

Q: I really want to use my ball for working out and building up a strong core. What exercises do you recommend?

A: We have some great youTube videos using the yoga block! Just click here.

Q: What else can I use the ball for besides working out?

A: The yoga ball is also used by many of our customers as a “chair” at their computer desk or even for a seat in their home. The ball allows for more mobility while you sit on it. Here’s a great tip: recline face up or face down on the ball. It’s an awesome way to decompress the spine and to bring fresh blood and oxygen to the brain. It’s a great mini work break!! We’ve also heard that the ball serves as a great birthing ball for pregnant women.

Q: I love your products! How can I stay in touch with Clever Yoga?

A: We love to connect with our customers. Clever Yoga is on Facebook (Clever Yoga Facebook Page), Instagram (#gocleveryoga), Twitter (@gocleveryoga), and Pinterest (Clever Yoga). You can also join our free VIP Club to receive special tips and discounts, win free stuff, and be the first to learn when we launch new products! Join Now.