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Q: How do I care for the BetterGrip yoga mat?

A: This mat is super easy to clean in a minute or less. No fancy and expensive cleaner needed. The fastest way you can do is to hose off your sweat and leave the mat outside to dry or wipe it dry with a soft cloth right away. The mat will not smell like the others because of the close-cell material which will not keep your sweat inside the mat. Some folks prefer to wash their mat with mild diluted mixture of soap and water and then they pat dry or air dry.

Q: Does the BetterGrip yoga mat come with a warranty?

A: Absolutely. Clever Yoga has a special “Namaste” Lifetime Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your mat, we will replace it free of charge, or give you your money back, no questions asked.

Q: Is the mat environmentally safe?

A: Yes! The BetterGrip yoga mat is made out of TPE and is very eco-friendly.

Q: My hands and feet often slip during hot, sweaty yoga practices. Will this mat keep me from slipping?

A: Yes. Your mat will grip better when it has moisture on the surface. Strange enough right? This is one of the special features your new mat has :-). Some customers report that they sweat a lot from their hands and feet. They find it helpful to use a hand or mat towel in these areas to help with slippage. Some folks report slipping or a squeeky sound when moving on the mat if the mat is a little moist from washing (that will probably annoy the heck out of the other students, lol!) Being sure the mat is completely dry will help most folks stay firm and steady on the surface.

Q: Can I use the mat for anything besides yoga practices?

A: Absolutely! Lots of folks use the mat for pilates practice as well as for working out and stretching. The mat has superior cushioning and support as well, so your knees and elbows won’t hurt while using your mat.

Q: My new mat has a slight rubbery smell. Will the smell go away?

A: The smell will definitely fade over time. After the first few uses and cleaning, leave your mat unrolled to air dry, in the shade. That will help the scent dissipate 

Q: I really want to start working out and building up a strong core. What exercises do you recommend?

A: We have some great youTube videos! just click here

Q: I love your products! How can I stay in touch with Clever Yoga?
A: We love to connect with our customers. Clever Yoga is on Facebook (Clever Yoga Facebook Page), Instagram (#gocleveryoga), Twitter (@gocleveryoga), and Pinterest (Clever Yoga). You can also join our free VIP Club to receive special tips and discounts, win free stuff, and be the first to learn when we launch new products! Join Now.