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Clever Yoga Balance Pad

Q: How do I use the balance pad?

A: Our customers use it in mainly three ways: The first is for yogic core purposes. If you want more challenge with standing poses like tree or mountain pose or for arm balances, the balance pad adds an extra element of intensity. The second use is to improve coordination, motor skills, and balance. With the pad’s destabilizing quality, it’s is a great addition to your home gym. The third use is for physical rehabilitation. Physical therapists use the pad for patients recovering from ankle, foot, hand and wrist injury or surgery. The pad is a great support for kneeling or for regaining strength in the upper body.

Q: Is the balance pad environmentally safe?

A: Yes! The balance pad is made out of eco-friendly TPE and EVA and is free of harmful material after passing a series of certifications.

Q: Can I use the pad as a “mat” to stand on in the kitchen or at a standing desk?

A: Sure! We have customers who bought two balance pads to make their own anti-fatigue standing mat. We will tell you, however, that the balance pad is thicker than the mats that are promoted for extended periods of standing. A few people feel using the pad as a standing mat is a little too taxing.

Q: Are there some other uses for the balance pad?

A: Yes! Lots of people use the balance pad as a cushion for their chair. These folks report that their sits (sitting) bones feel more supported and it’s easier for them to rise from a sitting position while the pad is under them. Kids really love playing with the balance pad. Probably the most unique use we’ve heard so far is using the balance pad for dog agility training. Super cool!! 

Q: How can I clean the pad?

A: It is very common to see light smudges after use. Just use very mild, diluted soap and water to clean and lightly pat dry.

Q: I really want to use my balance pad for working out and building up a strong core. What exercises do you recommend?

A: We have some great youTube videos using the balance pad! Just click here.