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♥LOVE♥ – Clever Yoga products deepen my practice

I had never used balance pad before trying this one – but have been happy with the other Clever Yoga products. I am always looking for a way to deepen my practice. Right after purchasing it, Clever Yoga sent me an email directing me to several videos you can easily find on YOU **** . The one I started with was “CleverYoga - Improving Balance & Stability”. You realize immediately this is AMAZING for strengthening core, strengthening foot & ankle muscles, and getting a better sense of balance. The pad is a good quality heavy foam, with give so you have to balance when you stand on it. They tell you to use it barefoot, and makes sure you have room around you if you lose your balance.”
- Gadget Girl

After recovering from major surgery on both feet (tendons and bones were cut and relocated in various ways) I was left for nearly a year and a half in and out of casts. Now that I'm on my feet again I have a ton of physical therapy to endure and this balance pad is helping IMMENSELY! I use it to stand on barefoot in front of my standing computer desk so that I get a "stress pad" AND the balance therapy I need for my ankles and feet. I couldn't be happier -- it's comfortable, durable and challenging. I have only been using it for a handful of days since I've received it and already I can't believe the strength and control I'm starting to realize in all the muscles and tendons around my feet and ankles. This balance pad from Clever Yogi is going to be the single biggest factor in my success for recovery, I can already tell. And with their LIFETIME Namaste warrantee? You can not go wrong. Pure quality. Communication with the company has also been amazing. Immediately after ordering their product I received personal emails pointing me in the direction of their YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvLy9CNQWRwwgAGb5yzzBw) and additional resources where I found tons of very valuable videos and resources on ways to use their products as well as being very supportive and interested in what I think of their product. Their willingness to help and communicate with the customer is extremely important and it lets me know this is a compassionate company that truly cares about peoples' well-being. I'll be buying Clever Yoga FIRST in the future. Quality products backed up by their warranties and it feels like you're dealing with close friends. I can't thank you enough!”
- Hazy in AZ
Good for those with arthritic wrists and knees.

I am 70 years old and have arthritic wrists. With this pad, I am able to put the pressure on my wrists that allow me to do sun salutations....especially plank. I bought two and gave a friend one of them. She has arthritis in her knees. The pad allows her to do warrior in a kneeling position (since she can put her bent knee on the pad)...giving her quads a good stretch (after not being able to do so for several years).”
- Silver Twist
Really great balance pad!

We may be seniors, but we go regularly to the gym. They have a product that works ok, and that we've seen elsewhere, however after reading reviews we decided on Clever Yoga's pad. We are so glad that we did! Actually we got two. They are even better than we expected. Clever Yoga Balance Pad is uniform in density and really gives us a great balance workout. We love the feel on our bare feet (they suggested that it was best that way) and it is fun to work on doing different balance drills on them. Even our Black Lab who has a bad hip does sit-ups (pretty!) on them.”
- S. Zimberoff
Fantastic Premium Yoga Balance Pad

I purchased this fantastic extra large premium balance pad by clever yoga to add to my home gym and yoga studio. The generous size and thick and comfortable cushioning makes this balance pad ideal for core training. I have been using this pad for my regular yoga routine to add a bit more challenge with balancing poses. My husband has found this yoga pad extremely beneficial when doing his at-home exercises required by his physical therapist. After a spiral break of his femur and a knee injury combined with tendonitis, he has a lot of stiffness and physical pain that is greatly helped by yoga. This pad has made his workout much more comfortable and beneficial. I highly recommend this excellent balance pad and consider it an absolute must have for any workout studio. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed here are completely my own.”
- Clarissa
Clever Yoga...Premium and Perfect Pad

Whether you are a beginner in Yoga or a seasoned Yogi, this pad will work wonders in any circumstance, especially with new moves. I personally am a beginner in Yoga, and I have a problem with my knee which made it cumbersome to effectively complete any poses and not be in a certain level of pain in spite of using a really good Yoga mat. My joints are receiving better protection from damage. Learning the art is key and this pad is increasingly helpful. Challenging moves are within reach and promotes a toned body, increased balance and overall relaxation. This pad is generous enough in size and depth for anyone to feel comfortable utilizing. Measurements: Length - 19.75" Width - 15.75" Thickness - 2.5" Another important feature that is increasingly important in the products I purchase, there was not a lingering chemical smell. One side is embossed with the company Clever Yoga company logo. Both sides of the pad are textured for a better grip and wrapped in plastic as well as packaged in a box for compete protection for the consumer. Cleaning Instructions: Spot clean using mild detergent and towel dry or air dry. After a few uses, I have found this mat to be very comfortable and enormous support for my knee. My poses could be held longer and I am already trying a new one. A worthy purchase to add to my routine. ** I received this product at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest feedback.”
Will challenge the beginner to the master yoga participant!

This product was shipped in a timely manner and packaging a way to prevent damage during transit. As a physical therapist I know how important exercises for every person and how much strengthening is important for every person as well. Do different types of exercises including Pilates yoga running and strength activities. From being an athlete growing up I have a really weak ankles, I've rolled my ankle so many times playing basketball. Because of my week ankles leader in my life I actually tore my ACL. So important to strengthen weak areas of your body because that's how Injuries occurs elsewhere in your body. This balance pad is perfect for strengthening my ankles. It really makes the exercises I doing Pilates and yoga that much more difficult and causing an increase in stability during daily activities when I'm not exercising. I would not call myself a yoga master or even an intermediate yoga doer. I am an average yoga participant and this is really challenge me in so many aspects. The quality is phenomenal and the packaging was was out of this world. I can see this lasting a very long time even though you have your feet all over it it's not going to tear or rip. Company stands by his products and I've been nothing but impressed with their products. I Highly recommend this to the yoga master as well as someone who is just starting yoga it will definitely benefit you in every aspect. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinions.”
- R. Witty
Excellent to improve your balance!

Talk about taking your balance to a whole new level! I thought this would be more comfortable to "yoga" on- but in fact it really ups the challenge level! The pad is large and dense, and the material is very non-slip. This mat is doing wonders to improve my coordination and balance- it takes a significant amount of practice and patience to hold poses on this balance pad compared with just a yoga mat or the floor. Since I have been using the balance pad, my joints and the bottom of my feet feel better- I have a few issues with them that holding the long positions tend to irritate. Also my balance has improved quite a bit! The pad is easy to wipe clean. There are several pose suggestions to use with the pad on the box, or I was able to find many online. I am very much enjoying the results of using this balance pad! Product provided for the purpose of inspection and unbiased review.”
- Jewel
This is a great quality Clever Yoga Premium Balance Pad in an X-Large ...

This is a great quality Clever Yoga Premium Balance Pad in an X-Large size of 19.75"x15.75"x2.5". This is bigger than I even realized but it is just perfect. I love the soft foam material that it is made of. It has such a spring that is very helpful and gentle on joints. It is also wonderful for balance and really helps with getting the yoga poses correct. This fits great under my couch and I can easily take it out and then store it back under. I was fortunate to receive this at a discount in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I made the purchase and I do recommend.”
- DisneyS
Great Physical Therapy item!

I have been trying to find a balance pad for my son. I found this one by Clever Yoga. It is so big. Just right for my special needs son. The therapist recommended we get him one to help him balance and to make kneeling more comfortable for him. It is a really nice size and is really cushy! It is a great product that we will use for a long time. I may even get to use it for yoga at some point! I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”
- pepperqueen
Get your balance like a boss

Love this pad. The large rectangular shape is perfect. It is very similar to the one used in my physical therapy sessions for balance exercises.I wonder how something so simple can be so effective for improving balance and posture..This pad is consistently firm, even around the edges.And I love the lavender color.”
- Donna
Excellent balance pad and customer service!

Excellent quality and size! It is very sturdy and I use it for standing yoga poses as well as support for my knees. I really appreciated the email from Clever Yoga to check to make sure I received my balance pad and am 100% happy with my product.”
- Cheryl
Great product and company

This product has multiple uses (balancing, handstand push-ups, etc) and is great quality. And clever yoga is very responsive and easy to work with!”
- Jennifer
I am on my knees saying thank you!

This pad is a great addition to my practice. I use it mostly for kneeling poses; but I have also used it for sitting. It is thick enough to provide good support/cushion.”
- mmurray mayo
One Very Happy Customer!

I've been using Clever Yoga's balance pad now for a couple weeks and love it! The foam is sturdy and comfortable and is giving my feet and legs a really good workout. The physical therapy place I go to has a different brand that is just no comparison, a much lower quality. Besides all that this company has given the best customer support possible, answering all questions and offering ideas on how to use the product. I couldn't be happier with the product or company.”
- Louisa Blubaugh Gately
Great for at home physical therapy

am currently doing PT for some ankle issues I've been having & wanted to do some of the exercises at home. This mat is probably a better quality mat than the one at my physical therapist's office..and no one else's feet have touched it (so gross when I think about it). I would absolutely recommend this mat to anyone looking to improve their balance/stability strength overall. Great quality product.”
- Chicago Living
Love this Balance Pad

Ordered this pad in an effort to help my balance post surgery. I think it is perfect, nice color, the balance pad is really challenging, I wish I had purchased it in prior years without any surgery. I would have incorporated it into my daily stretching program, nice size to, after using I just lean it against a wall, takes up no space. Would recommend it to anyone!!”
- R. Chadburn
Good for sports therapy

Works well for sports medicine therapy. Provides challenging workouts to improve balance and posture. Very convenient and can be used anywhere.”
- Richard P. Preuhs
great for one leg standing balance yoga poses

Using it at my standing desk and for quick balancing yoga postures. helps alleviate low back pain and fatigue from long periods of standing. great for one leg standing balance yoga poses. not large enough to use for other standing postures such as warrior poses. i think it's great and wish they made a larger one.”
- Chris