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We are so grateful for our ambassadors who have joined us in an effort to grow and enhance the yoga community by sharing the love of yoga! 

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Thanks To Our Clever Yoga Ambassadors! 


Ryan Bean
Yoga & AcroYoga Instructor—Orlando, FL
"I practice yoga to find the connection to my inner body.  
Yoga awakens me, aligns me, and helps me see my true reflection."


Rebecca Breyan
Yoga Fanatic—Clearwater, FL
"I practice yoga because it helps me find peace. It has helped me discover who I truly am. I can reflect on who I am becoming as an individual soul in this world."


Laura Cenci
Yoga Fanatic—Rome, Italy
"I love yoga because it's like life. Everyday you have to show up and check with yourself and your challenges. And everyday you have find a new reason to overcome all obstacles, and learn a new lesson."

Ivy Chua
Yoga Advocate—Selangor, Malaysia
"I practice yoga to de-stress and lose weight. Now I would like to inspire and share my yoga journey with everyone."

Michael Cruz
Yoga Instructor—Dallas, TX
"I discovered yoga during a stagnant period in my life where judgment and competition dominated while individuality and authenticity were placed on the sideline. Yoga served as a refreshing change in my perspective to let go of the past and move on to new adventures."

Self-Taught Yogi & Aspiring Yoga Instructor—London, UK
"Originally I started practicing yoga due to my knee injury. Now yoga is part of my life—it makes me feel better both mentally and physically."

Daisy Jeys
Registered Yoga Teacher—Toronto, ON
"I have been fascinated by the connection between mind and emotion for many years. I took my first yoga class in 2004, at a time when all that was stable in my life was shifting and it gave me the push to share my love for this practice with others as it brought me a level of calmness during a personal storm."

Karin Johnson
Yoga Instructor Since 2007—Apex, NC
"I practice to keep my body strong, limber and relaxed. Also, trying to keep my posture in check as I age. ;) I include meditation my practice."


Cheryl Kricket
Yoga Ambassador & Curious Yogi—Tampa, FL
"My yoga practice helps me to become closure to my inner light, my purusha."


Kathy Leonard
Yoga Instructor & Fanatic—Abilene, TX
"I practice yoga to help chronic back and hip pain, and to keep my mind balanced. Yoga has helped me thru some tough things."


Natalie Oldfield
Yoga Instructor & Practitioner—United Kingdom
"I practice yoga because it not only transforms the body but also the mind. I love the way yoga makes me feel, and I am passionate about sharing my yoga journey with others."


Molly Pooler
Yoga Instructor & Phases Yoga Project Founder—Philadelphia, PA
"I'm passionate about yoga, mindfulness, recovery, education, and nature. I operate on the principle that yoga is for everybody and work hard to offer as many opportunities for people of all backgrounds, body types, and experiences to practice yoga"

Craig Richman
Avid Yoga Teacher & Practitioner—Boca Raton, FL
"Yoga saved my life from a medical standpoint. After becoming a teacher, I wanted to share the magic of yoga with others."

Katie Rose
Lead Teacher Trainer & Yoga Instructor—Huntington, WV
"I practice yoga because it helps me remember who I am so I can engage with life more fully."

Jared Shull
Yoga Instructor—Huntington, WV
"Yoga connects me with the world with equipoise and compassion. It saved my life. I endeavor to extend that gift to those around me."

Jen Squires
Ashtanga Yoga Instructor at Mysore Yoga Atlanta—Atlanta, GA
"I'm drawn to the elegance and unyielding challenges that come with practicing yoga. Yoga quiets my mind and calms my heart like nothing else does."

Eli Susman
Yoga Instructor, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Researcher of Yoga in Clinical Psychology, Wilderness Therapy Field Guide—Northbrook, IL
"To connect with myself, others and the world. To make peace a reality in this world."

Andy Totman
Lead Teacher Trainer & Co-Owner of Vinyasa Arts Yoga School—Cardiff, CA
"I first fell in love with yoga in 2005 and have since combined my personal yoga practice with my commitment to the Martial Arts."

Tamara Lafferty-Totman
Lead Teacher Trainer & Co-Owner of Vinyasa Arts Yoga School—Cardiff, CA
"I have taught yoga for over 20 years and enjoy teaching all areas of yoga including History & Philosophy, Meditation & Pranayama, Teaching Methodology/Ethics, Subtle Anatomy, and Asana."


Wendy Wan
Yoga Advocate—Sugar Land, TX
"I love yoga because it gives me the artistic feel and endless learning chances."


Devon West
Practicing Yogi—West Palm Beach, FL
"I practice yoga to bring me peace and mental clarity. It grounds me in the present moment and allows me the ability to connect inward."