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LiquidBalance Travel Mat and Carrying Case

$78.00 USD

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The LiquidBalance Travel Mat has all of the benefits of the regular mat, just slightly thinner and better for travel. The LiquidBalance Travel Mat provides excellent traction for advanced yogis looking to take their poses to the next level. The master grip and water absorbent middle layer cushion support your asanas while maintaining a solid connection to the ground so you feel comfortable and secure throughout your practice.

You can practice comfortably for hours without a second thought. The middle doesn't allow sweat to store in the mat preventing any odors, and the high-quality material means your mat will last. Great for hotel rooms or even if you just travel to the office every day. Comes with carrying bag, but also foldable to put into suitcases and bags.


70.5" long x 26" wide
2.2 pounds
1mm thick

Materials:  Made with sustainably harvested, biodegradable tree rubber, mat is.completely free from PVC, latex and other toxic materials.

Care Instructions: To clean, simply wipe mat conservatively with a soft cloth containing a heavily diluted mixture of mild soap and water.