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Facial Mist Sprayer

Facial Mist Sprayer


Facial Mist Sprayer

Give Your Skin A Boost With The Nano Mister From Clever Yoga

Exercise can take a toll on your complexion, leaving it irritated and flushed. So what do you do after you’ve finished a rigorous sweat session and showering isn't an option?

The Facial Mist Sprayer from Clever Yoga reduces redness and soothes skin by releasing a gentle, refreshing and rejuvenating cool mist.

The cooling spray cleanses and tones your face while helping reduce inflammation to prevent clogged pores and breakouts. Essential after a hardcore yoga session or workout !

This post-workout must have will help you look and feel so fresh, no one will know you spent the last hour dripping with sweat!
Nanotechnology - Enjoy The Benefits Of A Facial At Your Fingertips

Mister utilizes nanotechnology to convert water into a micro fine, luxurious mist so it can penetrate into the basal cell layer of the skin quickly hydrate and nourish deeper levels of skin.

The refreshing cool mist moistens and soothes tired skin or redness instantly, leaving skin soft, supple and rejuvenated.

Transform Your Energy As Well As Your Skin

This mini Nano Sprayer can be used to relax, refresh, and reset. Just add a few drops of rose oil (a mix 80% of water and 20% oil).

So whether you’re rushing on your way out of the gym, or on your way to a business meeting, indulge in a spa treatment on the go and calm your face and your senses.

How To Use The Face Sprayer

  • Connect the USB cable to the facial mister and any USB charger or laptop. To fully charge mister takes 3 hours. Once fully charged, will last for 100 sprays.
  • Remove the water tank cover and rubber stopper. Fill with water (filtered or purified is best) or toner mixture using the bottle provided.
  • Hold the sprayer vertically approximately 6 inches from your face. Simply push the sliding cover down to activate spray.