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Essential Oil Diffuser

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Breath Easy With The Aroma Diffuser From Clever Yoga

The Aroma Diffuser from Clever Yoga is an easy and effective way of freshening up any room and incorporating the therapeutic benefits essential oils into your daily life.

The diffuser uses electronic frequencies to create vibrations in water that are carried to the surface where the essential oils are floating. The vibrations vaporize the essential oils and disperse them into the air.

Unlike heat diffusers, our ultrasonic diffuser does not destroy the therapeutic properties of the essential oils being used. Enhance your at-home yoga or meditation practice by using the diffuser to bring the mind into a space of focus, concentration, and inner peace.
Works As An Aromatherapy Diffuser To Deliver Therapeutic Benefits
Diffuser quickly and quietly extracts essential oils to fill a space with a soothing aroma. Use to transform your mood from calmed to energized. Relax the mind and body at home after a long day or boost productivity and improve mental clarity at work. 
Works As A Cool Air Humidifier To Deliver Health-Promoting Benefits 
The cool stream restores moisture and purifies the air you breathe. Helps to prevent dryness that can cause irritations such as dry skin, nose, throat and lips. Can also help relieve sinus congestion caused by colds, flu and seasonal allergies.
How To Use The Clever Yoga Aroma Diffuser 
  • Ensure the diffuser is unplugged when filling or cleaning. Remove glass dome. Handle with care to avoid breakage. Always place the diffuser on an even surface. 
  • Fill water tank to maximum level of 100 ml. Do not overfill the tank. Add 2 to 3 drops of essential oil (not included). Water-soluble essential oil is highly recommended. 
  • Replace glass dome and plug into electrical outlet. If diffuser is tipped during use, immediately unplug and empty all water. Leave unit to dry in a ventilated space for three days. Once the diffuser is completely dry it can be refilled and use again.