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Getting Started With A Yoga Wheel

Learning a new skill or craft takes learning a new language. In this instance we will focus on the yoga wheel. A relatively new tool to our modern culture, the yoga wheel provides more than just a visually appealing prop. The benefits of a yoga wheel range from opening tight backs and improving posture to deepening poses and challenging balance.

The Premium Wheel by Clever Yoga provides all this with more stability and durability. Yoga mat material lines both inside and out to increase comfort and grip. The wheel will not bend to your weight. And with our range of sizes to choose from, you can incorporate the Yoga Wheel to benefit your practice on any level!

We made using our Yoga Wheel simple, with individual instruction for poses at the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced poses. Feel free to practice a new pose everyday, focusing on repeating the movement with deep breathing and breaks in between, or compound the movements to create a whole routine. We’ve also included some routines of our own that you’re welcome to follow.

Yoga is a personal practice, and while there are many benefits to having a practice, it is still a personal journey. So make the journey your own, try new things, and find a routine. Most of all, enjoy the process and create a system that works for you!

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