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Why Men Should Give Yoga A Try


No matter gender or body type, yoga is a great way to get rid of stress, while strengthening the body at the same time. While you don’t necessarily need yoga equipment, it’s always handy to use a yoga mat. Simple enough, right?

Yoga is an incredible test of strength. Not just of the body, but also of the mind. Yoga helps you to control your thoughts and focus. Part of yoga is honing in on particular aspects of your body, while emptying the other contents of your mind. Yoga is a meditative process in this way. The mind finally gets a moment of solace during the day when practicing yoga, and at the same time, you are able to get a physical work out. Pretty sweet!

Yoga helps flexibility. Being a man often means activities that usually reduce flexibility in the daily routine. Why not provide yourself the opportunity? Not only will this improve the experience of daily life, but can also improve your love life as well as many other areas. Physical flexibility translates into mental flexibility as well.

If there is no time to head to the gym and lift weights or do cardio, yoga can provide all the training you need at any moment. Various yoga poses test arm strength – for instance, beginning in a sitting position, and lifting the body off the ground with nothing but the arms. Yoga tones up muscles, strengthens muscles, and provides health benefits in every respect.

Yoga can serve as cardio, as it can be performed at whatever speed is desired and many strength holds actually raise the heart rate even while holding still. While many think of yoga as a slow workout that only women do, yoga can be fast paced and very powerful as method of cardio. If doing a chair pose constantly between other quick poses, the thighs will burn, and heart will race. Beats per minute will increase, and you’ll find yourself working the body in a way never done before.

Yoga can be performed in whatever time frame is desired, or as often as one wants in a day. If you want to do a little yoga in the morning, you can do it in whatever manner seems most appropriate for your body. Do poses on the ground, do poses standing, perhaps merely start the day off with child’s pose or sun salutations.

Remember, yoga does not require much yoga equipment. Over time, more than a mat may seem appropriate. Yoga straps and yoga blocks can be beneficial for poses in the beginning as well. Yoga blocks can help hold the body more comfortable or raise the floor when it is too far beyond reach. If the body is not quite flexible enough to delve into a pose entirely, the blocks can fill necessary gaps. Straps can hold the body into position to lock you into a pose. This is especially beneficial when holding a pose for a longer length of time.

Yoga is not merely for women. Yoga is just as incredible for the body for men as it is women. So, pick up your yoga mat and have some fun!

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