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5 Essentials To Starting A Successful Yoga Practice

The beauty of yoga, other than it’s endless list of benefits, is that you don’t need anything but a little focus and quiet space to practice. Having a few essentials, however, when getting started can make practicing yoga more fun and manageable.

Here are a few essentials we recommend to get started!
  1. Yoga Mat – A quality yoga mat provides comfort, grip, and support so you can focus on your breath and performing your poses in good posture.
  2. Quiet Space – Yoga can be done almost anywhere! But you should make sure wherever you choose to practice, you can feel preset and focus on your pose.
  3. Yoga Training – Whether you watch YouTube yoga videos, enroll in an online course, or take a yoga class, we recommend participating in some regular training to gain a fundamental knowledge base on poses and performing them correctly.
  4. Yoga Gear – If you find yourself traveling to and from a class, you may want a bag where you can pack your mat, a towel, and some water! If you feel inflexible or unstable in poses, you may benefit from utilizing a strap or some yoga blocks. No matter what you need to help improve your practice there are tools out there just for you. Be sure to check out our Yoga Kit for some basics at a value cost!
  5. Community – Yoga is beautiful and fun, but it’s even more fun with some community! Get out, either in your area or on the web and find some fellow yogis to practice with and learn from. Instagram is a great place to start, participating in challenges and meeting other yogis around the world! Be sure to follow us and join some of our challenges! @gocleveryoga

With just a handful of essentials, you’ll find yourself growing and having fun with your practice! Let us know what other essentials you might use in the comments below :)

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