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Yoga can SAVE your Life

Yoga can SAVE your Life

Yoga has some amazing physical benefits. You can browse this blog and find them in almost every post. You can Google and find hundreds of physical benefits of yoga.

I enjoy those physical benefits in my life every single day.

But they aren't what hooked me into yoga. They aren't the reason I show up on my mat several times a week, every week.

I have battled anxiety and self doubt my entire life. I've overcome a lot of this today, and a lot of that I can credit to yoga. 

And I know another woman who claims yoga has saved her life. She was diagnosed as bipolar last year, and she used yoga to overcome being suicidal. 

Sometimes we have no idea what is going on inside our heads. Our minds are so complex and the programming started before we even had control of how the wires were run. Our subconscious minds are formed as very young babies and continue to soak in information from outside sources our entire life.

Yoga Can Calm the Storm

Yoga can be the key to mental recovery - whether you are suffering from mental illness, depression, or occasional self-doubt. Yoga can bring peace to a suffering soul. 

I am a life coach to overwhelmed mothers today, and I recommend yoga to all of my clients who are dealing with stress or overwhelm in their lives. In fact, I recommend it to all of my clients. Period.

Yoga Teaches You How to Breathe

Have you ever been told to just "breathe?" If you suffer at all from anxiety or panic, these words can almost come like a slap in the face. It sounds overly simple, right? How can a simple act such as breathing be an effective method of calming down? 

But yoga will change your mind. Yoga teaches you to focus on your breath. It brings awareness to your breathing, and it will calm your mind and body. It can pull you out of anxiety, worry and panic mode.

Yoga Teaches You to Feel Emotion

When I am on my yoga mat moving gracefully through the practice, I feel emotion. I can't help it. All of the emotions that I tend to hold inside come out through yoga, and it feels amazing. Just like I do, you can use the movement of yoga to feel what you need to feel. Whether those emotions are full of happiness or sadness, yoga offers a release and process for it all.

Yoga Teaches You to Live in the Present

When you can connect to your breath, you are in the moment. You do not breathe in the past or the future. You breathe in the present. And when you live in the present, you can get rid of the worry and anxiety. Why? Because worry and anxiety live in the future because of the past. We form our worries based on our past, but we worry about what will happen in the future. But we live in the present. Yoga will help you focus and live in the present. Living in the present allows you to focus on logic instead of negative emotion.

 Yoga Can Save your Life

Yoga can save your life ... both literally and spiritually. If you are feeling suicidal, yoga can bring you back. If you are not living the life you were meant to live, yoga can change your path. If you are not as happy as you could be, yoga can change that.

Yoga can save your life. Yoga can change your life. 


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