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Whole Body Yoga Flow - Video

From customizing your own routine per your skill level to learning more about yoga and developing your own practice, there are many benefits to creating your own yoga flow.

For a whole body flow, here are a few variables that you can connect to really create an effective, well-balanced routine for the entire body:
  1. Muscle Groups – Thinking about your body, head to toe, think about how your routine can work on the shoulders, arms, chest, and back. Then working down, implement core movements, then focus on glutes and legs.
  2. Front & Back – Making sure you’re creating movements that help strengthen or increase flexibility in both areas and not just one.
  3. Standing, Sitting, & Laying – I like flowing from standing to sitting, eventually ending a full practice with laying or breathing poses. The most important thing is that your flow is well balanced, working on all areas equally, rather than just your strengths or weaknesses.

My last tip is to write down some of the poses you think fit in these categories and then begin to order them in a way that will allow one pose to flow into another without much reset. Run through the routine quickly before integrating it into your actually practice to avoid delays or interruptions to your practice.

Free free to also check out this awesome whole body flow by Brett Gordon, from the Grateful Gordons, using our Natural Tree Rubber Natree Mat!

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