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Wellness for Seniors


It’s a common perception to think you’re either growing or dying. Well believe it or not, if you’re past mid-life, you still have the opportunity to grow! You also have the choice to create longevity and ease into your wise years. Here are a few ways you can improve your well-being and continue to enjoy life with reduced limitations:

  1. Improve in Your Practice – Whether you’re still trying to cut that old habit, growing a garden or practicing yoga. Focus, not only on the routine things you’d like to accomplish, but also the things you’d like to improve. Beside all the benefits hobbies like yoga or gardening provide, practicing improvement allows you to stay sharp and mentally flexible, increasing your overall sense of wellbeing.
  2. Eat Well – Now’s the time to practice improving nutritional habits… You can cross two hurdles with one leap by exercising this tip! If you eat well, including whole fruits & veggies, most days out of the week and allow yourself some indulgence sparingly, you’ll find a great balance between the simple pleasure of meals as well as feeling energetic, balanced, and satisfied.
  3. Do Something for your Mind – Whether you enjoy playing mind stimulating games like sudoku or scrabble, reading an enjoyable or informative book, or signing up for some mind games such as FitBrain or Elevate. It’s important to keep your mind as sharp as your body.
  4. Keep Your Health in Check – Prioritize important check ups and doctor visits, so that you can always be aware of your health and take preventative measures instead of waiting until it’s time to do major damage control.

If you keep these simple tips in mind, you'll find more energy and space to live life in wellness and continue to explore the things you truly enjoy!

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