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Unexpected Benefits of Exercise

Unexpected Benefits of Exercise

We all are well aware that exercise is important. We know it can help us lose extra weight and maintain a healthy body. But did you know there are a lot more benefits to exercise? 

I hope to inspire you today by giving you a few unexpected ways that exercising (whether that be yoga, jogging, or anything in between) can benefit your mental health, relationships and lead to an overall happier life. 

Reduce Stress

Have you ever had a tough day at the office? If you take a walk or head to the gym for even a quick workout, you can quickly reduce the stress of the day. Exercise of all forms can help you get rid of stress and deal with the mental tension that built up over the day. So, go ahead and get sweaty!

Improve Confidence

If you hop on that treadmill or pull out your yoga mat, not only will you look like a million bucks ... you'll also feel like a million bucks. Exercise improves our self confidence. Even a single workout can improve your self image regardless of your age, weight or size. 

Reduce Mental Aging

Aging causes gradual memory loss. The brain slowly loses important brain function over time, even in healthy people. But the good news is that exercise slows down this process allowing you to hold on to your memories for a lot longer. 

Increase Productivity

If you are feeling short on motivation at the office or at home, you may get a boost of inspiration and productivity simply by elevating your heart rate and exercising. Research has proven that people who work out regularly are more productive and motivated than those who do not. 

Reduce Anxiety

I know you may feel like crawling into a warm bubble bath after a stressful day, but give this a try - hit the pavement for a quick jog or grab your yoga mat to work out your body. Exercise reduces anxiety both in the present tense and future tense. Not only will it help you get rid of your anxiety from today, but it will also help you deal with any anxiety that pops up tomorrow or the next day. Regular exercise helps combat anxiety!


There are so many unexpected benefits of exercise. Besides weight maintenance and healthy bodies, exercise can help your mood and your brain. 

Are you inspired to take a yoga class or take a walk? I hope you choose to reap all of the benefits (expected and unexpected) that exercise has to offer.

Start today!

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