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Tips for Healthy and Happy Summer Vacations

Tips for Healthy and Happy Summer Vacations

Summer is a wonderful time. The kids are out of school, the warm sun feels amazing on your skin and vacations are abundant! Summer vacations allow us the much needed opportunity to de-stress and reconnect with our loved ones. However, all too many of us are guilty of overindulgence on our travels. We work hard while we are at home to maintain healthy lifestyles, but then we throw it out the window while we vacation.

While vacations are a time to enjoy and indulge a little bit, too much can hurt our minds and bodies. You can still get that rest and relaxation without throwing away all of your good habits. Here are a few tips to help ensure you return from your summer vacation with a happy and healthy mind and body.

Stand Up and Move

You probably think of sitting on a beach drinking a cold drink when you picture an ideal summer vacation. It isn't just the beach though. Vacations are notorious for a lot of sitting. You sit on long airplane rides or behind the wheel as you travel to your destination. You relax at the beach. You sit at the bar. You watch TV. But sitting can be harmful for your health. 

If you are on a long flight, stand up and walk up and down the aisle every hour or two. If you are driving, pull over and get some blood running through your body. Do a couple of your favorite yoga poses to stretch out those muscles.

And once you arrive at your destination, find some activities you can do. If you're at the beach, try snorkeling, frisbee or go on a hunt for seashells. Check out the hotel's gym or find a local yoga studio. Walk instead of hailing a cab. 

A little bit of activity will keep you body and mind in its best working order.

Don't Over Eat or Drink

All you can eat buffets and open bars are everywhere. It can be so tempting to take advantage and "get your money's worth." Even if you plan to eat healthy, some of the food is so tempting that you give in. 

While one or two bad dining choices probably won't do a ton of harm, it does throw off your healthy eating habits. It may be tougher to get back on track after you over indulge. Furthermore, an extremely heavy or fattening meal can wreck havoc on your body. You may end up ruining a day or two of your vacation if your body isn't used to that type of food. It just isn't worth it.

Plan ahead. Research restaurants and options with healthy food. Have a healthy snack before meals to ensure you don't over eat. Bring healthy snacks with you on the airline. If you do overindulge, don't beat yourself up about it. But do get up and start moving to help with digestion. Accept that you over indulged and make plans to avoid it the remainder of the vacation.

Stay Hydrated

Water! We all need lots of water. While we are on vacation, it is sometimes easy to forget to stay hydrated. But it is especially important to drink water while you are on vacation. Your body is in a different setting and off of its routine.

Vacations can work against you when it comes to staying hydrated. The recycled air of an airplane can contribute to dehydration. The temptation to not drink water while driving to avoid bathroom breaks is not healthy. Altitude, high temperatures and humidity can affect how much you need to drink as well.  

Keep a reusable water bottle with you at all times and fill it up often. Drink early and often. Keep your body hydrated so that you can enjoy your summer vacation.

Take a Break from Technology

Our society today is addicted to staying connected, but sometimes our minds need a break. You didn't travel far away to check email or browse social media. Disconnect from your work and your home life. It may be tough at first, but you'll be glad you did. Turn off your notifications and leave your cell phone in the hotel room. Enjoy your family and loved ones. All of your emails will be there when you return.

Enjoy your Summer Vacation

There are so many benefits to taking a summer vacation. It is good for your mind and body to get away and take a break from the every day stress of your daily world. But you have to remember to take care of yourself while you are traveling. If you don't, you may cause more harm than good. Follow these tips to make sure you come home healthy and happy!

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