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The Benefits of Yoga


The main purpose of Yoga is to actually create harmony, awareness and strength in both the body and mind. Many individuals are now using Yoga daily because of the many benefits it provides. These benefits include the following: 

  • Improved Health
Ideal health is the dynamic expression of life in terms of how enthusiastic, loving and joyful individuals are. This also means health is aware of social and mental well-being. Yoga has existed for many decades, focusing not only on the external, but these vital points as well. This certainly helps individuals achieve ultimate health and fitness.
  • Mental Awareness
The mind constantly plays its tricks. These tricks are often wondering about your future or caught up in the past. Yoga teaches us to accept the fact the most important time is the presents and often, losing ourselves in worry or tension over situations or events that have not occurred yet, or things that already happened long time ago, is unhealthy & irrelevant. Yoga keeps the mind focused on present time and also helps in clearing negative thoughts.
  • Stress Relief

Stress is known to induce a hormone known as cortisol. Excessive cortisol in the body can actually suppress the thyroid functions, decrease the muscle tissue and increase blood pressure. Yoga helps reduce cortisol in the body. It has also been medically proven that Yoga can also activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Individuals accumulate lots of stress especially during working days and even at home. Yoga is one way to get out of stressful situations and let the body relax and regain balance.

  • Increased Energy

A ten to fifteen minute session of Yoga has shown to significantly reduce stress and increase energy. This obviously contributes to a longer lifespan and higher quality of life.

  • Better Flexibility

Most individuals who are just starting their Yoga sessions cannot even touch their toes, however, as they go with further sessions, they realize that they eventually manage to move effortlessly without experiencing difficulty and pain. Through regular Yoga practice, individuals are able to achieve better postures. Flexibility also increases blood flow, which speeds healing, and reduces the risk of injury to muscles and joints.

  • Increases Work Performance

Yoga takes individuals to a place of peace and stillness. This gives us more time to think and can even make a person more creative and active at work. Many studies revealed that Yoga increases the capacity of the brain. When individuals perform breathing exercises, they ensure excellent oxygen supply to their brain and mental calmness that increases clarity and productivity.

Aside from the above mentioned benefits, Yoga can also help establish better relationships as it helps individuals deal with emotions, a tensed mind and physical discomfort. Yoga can also keep our minds peaceful and happy. A mind that is happy and contented can be can make honest choices when dealing with stressful and challenging issues.

With all these amazing benefits, it’s no question that committing some time and effort into daily Yoga practice is good for our wellbeing. Yoga plays a vital role in improving not just your health but your entire life experience!

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