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The Benefits of Balance


Balance is something we all strive for. Work-life balance, financial balance, and physical balance are all top goals for most successful people. Did you know that science has proven that engaging in yoga can help with all three types of balance? From athletic training, injury prevention and rehabilitation to meditation and inner peace, yoga provides it all. If you need more balance in your life, perhaps it is time to break out the yoga mat.

Here is a quick list of several benefits of balance.

Increased Core and Trunk Strength

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to develop serious core and lower body muscles. Yoga requires every muscle in the core and trunk of your body to engage and remain engaged from the moment you step on the mat until the moment you step off. Yoga poses are designed to increase abdominal and lower body strength, and it is a lot more fun than a sit up.

Better Posture

Back and neck pain has become an epidemic in today’s world. The average human sits more than six hours a day hunched over a computer, tablet or smartphone, and their bodies are suffering. One of the best benefits of yoga is improved posture. All of the muscles along the spine are strengthened as you practice all of the numerous yoga poses.

Enhanced Focus and Learning Capability

There is an intense focus required for many of the advanced yoga poses, and that level of concentration has some powerful benefits for your brain. Just like any other muscle, your brain gets stronger with practice. By practicing yoga, you strengthen the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for navigation and memory.  Over time you will improve your attention span and gain more control over your mind which will help in all areas of your life.

Injury Prevention

Poor balance is a common cause of injury, especially if you live an active lifestyle. For example, if you enjoy playing basketball, this study shows that you are 7 times more likely to incur an ankle injury if you have poor balance. Furthermore, studies have proven that improving balance reduces the risk of falls and hip fractures in senior women. Yoga is a low impact activity that can be done by anyone in all levels of fitness. It improves balance which reduces the risk of injury in everyone from the very young to the very old.

Injury Rehabilitation

Athletes all over the world are turning to yoga to help them recuperate faster from injury. The increase in balance and muscle function that you get from yoga decreases rehabilitation time for all different types of injuries.

Get Better at What you Love

Improved balance will translate into better results in every physical activity you do. So whether you enjoy horseback riding, surfing, rock climbing or running, incorporating yoga will improve your performance. In fact, many of the top athletes are already using it as part of their training regimens.


The benefits of practicing yoga extend into every aspect of our lives. Science has proven that increased balance can improve both the mental and physical quality of life. Yoga will clear your head and strengthen your brain while also increasing your overall body strength and posture. It will help keep you from getting hurt and help you recover if you do. There isn’t a single reason that you shouldn’t step onto your yoga mat today.

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