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Five Ways To Make Your Yoga More Challenging

Five Ways To Make Your Yoga More Challenging
1. Work On Your Alignment Alignment is simply holding your pose in the correct position. Not holding your pose correctly means you’re not working the muscles you're supposed to be working correctly, it’s as simple as that. Get your alignment right, and everything will start falling into place, your poses will come together, and you’ll challenge your body the way it’s supposed to be challenged. Practicing correctly will also prevent injury and muscle strains. There...

Wellness for Seniors

It’s a common perception to think you’re either growing or dying. Well believe it or not, if you’re past mid-life, you still have the opportunity to grow! You also have the choice to create longevity and ease into your wise years. Here are a few ways you can improve your well-being and continue to enjoy life with reduced limitations: Improve in Your Practice – Whether you’re still trying to cut that old habit, growing a...