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Stretch Away Your Seated Day in this 10 Minute Full Body Flow by Molly Pooler

Stretch Away Your Seated Day in this 10 Minute Full Body Flow by Molly Pooler

Sitting in a chair all day is a necessary part of the job for many people. However, the side effects of being stationary and seated can wreak havoc on our body. Enjoy this short, all levels, full body flow that focuses on opening our spine, shoulders, hips and legs while breathing deeply, reversing our blood flow and letting go of the seated day. 


Mountain Side Stretch

  • Beginning in mountain pose, step your feet hips width distance apart and press your feet into the earth
  • Inhale and reach your arms up, interlace fingers but keep index fingers pointed
  • On your exhale, begin to reach towards the left side as you press into your right hip
  • As you breathe, release your shoulders down and back, away from your ears 

Shoulder Bind

  • Standing tall in mountain pose, interlace your fingers in a fist behind your back
  • On your inhale, send your heart open as you press your shoulder blades down, back and together as you straighten your arms
  • Breath deeply and allow your chest to shine forward as you lengthen your arms behind you
  • MODIFICATION: If this posture is too intense, grab opposite elbows or forearms behind your back to open your shoulders gently 

Rag Doll

  • From mountain pose, bend your knees as you hinge forward from your hips to a forward fold
  • Grab opposite elbows and begin to sway from left to right
  • Shake your head yes and no to release your neck and then look at the back edge of your mat
  • MODIFICATION: Create a deeper bend in your knees and rest your elbows on your thighs

Garland Pose


  • Step your feet slightly wide and angle them away from your body as you begin to lower into a squat
  • Press your palms into prayer as you press the backs of your elbows into your knees to open your hips
  • Use your inhales to length your spine and your torso, drawing your shoulders down and back
  • To twist, press your right elbow into your knee as you begin to gaze over your left shoulder
  • To bind, straighten your right arm, twist your palm so it faces behind. Straighten your left arm and slightly twist so your palm faces behind you, begin to bend and reach for your palms to meet
  • MODIFICATION: Place a folded blanket under your heels if they are unable to reach the ground
  • MODIFICATION: Use a strap to help you bind your twist

Low Lunge

  • From forward fold, plant your hands into the mat and step your right foot long behind you, lower your right knee. Your back toes can be either tucked or untucked
  • Adjust your left foot so that your knee is stacked above your ankle
  • Lengthen your spine and press down into your hips
  • MODIFICATION: Use two blocks under your palms to lengthen your spine if you can’t reach the ground
  • MODIFICATION: If you have knee pain, fold a blanket under your back knee to lessen the impact


  • Place your hands outside of your shoulders
  • Press into your palms, squeezing your elbows into your sides
  • On your inhale, begin to lift the chest up, press the tops of your feet into the mat and gaze forward or up towards your third eye
  • MODIFICATION - Sphinx Pose, rest your forearms on the mat, elbows below shoulders, slightly lift 

Downward Facing Dog

  • Press into your palms as you straighten your arms, framing your ears
  • Lengthen your spine and lift your tailbone high
  • Bend your knees slightly and press into your heels - though they do not need to touch the mat.
  • Relax your head and neck, gaze toward your navel
  • MODIFICATION: Take child's pose or tabletop if this posture becomes too intense

 Waterfall/Legs Up the Wall

  • Laying on your back, take a block or pillow and place it under your sacrum
  • Send your legs into the air and allow the blood flow to reverse directions
  • MODIFICATION: To use the wall, sit with your right side to the wall. Gently lie on your back and begin to rotate until your tailbone faces the wall. Carefully extend your legs


  • Lay down on your back
  • Relax your entire body
  • Palms can face up
  • Bring a pillow to your low back or under your knees
  • MODIFICATION - Legs up the wall is a good alternative if lying on your back is uncomfortable


About The Writer, Molly Pooler

Molly Pooler is passionate about yoga, mindfulness, recovery, education, and nature. Molly is a 200-hour RYT with over 100 hours of continuing education credits, including a NECTAR certification in trauma-informed and recovery yoga.
Molly also founded Phases Yoga Project, a recovery yoga organization created to bring free yoga to people in recovery from trauma, addiction, mental health, grief and more. Molly also volunteers with the National Park Service, teaching free community yoga under their Healthy Parks, Healthy People initiative.
Specializing in vinyasa and mindful movement, Molly loves to share the gift of connecting mind, body and soul through intentional movement and breath in yoga and guided meditation.

Molly operates on the principle that yoga is for everybody, and works hard to offer as many opportunities for people of all backgrounds, body types, and experiences to practice yoga.

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