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Revolutionary New Travel Yoga Mat


Can you imagine a world where you can throw your yoga mat directly in the washer and dryer after a sweaty session?

Soon you won't have to imagine! In fact, you can pre-order yours today!

Meet the most versatile yoga travel mat in the market: YogiOnTheGo. Designed to fit into most luggage and backpacks, this mat weighs less than 2 pounds, is foldable, waterproof and extra grippy. Place directly on the floor or on top of a studio mat. It's made of all-natural tree rubber, which is eco-friendly and keeps the mat from sliding. Yogis can take their practice on the go with our premium yoga travel mat.

This new travel mat is 1 mm thick and 24" x 71" so it can function as a mat topper or a stand alone mat. Like all Clever Yoga products, the new travel mat is eco friendly. The bottom is made from natural tree rubber so it sticks to the floor. The mat is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and made of odorless material. There is a waterproof layer in between that will absorb sweat from even the most intense Bikram yoga practice. Your main mat or the floor will remain dry even if you sweat like crazy. And the mat will remain stuck to the floor without sliding around no matter what!

And the best news is that the cleanup is as easy as 1-2-3. Throw the mat in the dirty laundry, wash and dry just as you would with a regular towel. Just like that, the yoga mat is like brand new! It is durable and will stand the test of time no matter how often it is used, how much sweat it has absorbed or what type of yoga it is used for.

Clever Yoga is now offering the YogiOnTheGo revolutionary foldable and washable yoga mat as a pre-sale only. Reserve yours today for the special price of $45 and get it by June 5!

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