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Making Time for Patience



Have you ever told your child to be patient? I find myself saying that a lot with the bouncing ball of energy that is my two year old son. But as I look around the world we live in, I have notice that patience is something that many of us are lacking - no matter if we are two years old or 50 years old. We want things now. 

And in the days of Amazon, Google and food delivery, why do we need to be patient at all? Patience has a developed a bad connotation. We shouldn't have to wait. We should be able to have what we want right now. 

Or should we?

Importance of Patience

Every single day, we are given so many reasons to be impatient. Our kids are taking too long to brush their teeth. The car won't start. Your boss is late to your meeting. The world we live in is fast paced, and there are a million reasons why we get frustrated when we are forced to slow down and wait.

But when we live caught up in the 24/7 hustle and bustle, a few things happen to us. We bring more frustration into our lives. We don't get the rest that we so desperately need. And worst of all, we miss out on the beauty of living in the moment. 

If we took the advice we gave our children and adopted a mindset open to being patient, we would be happier, healthier and more successful. The truth is that we bring in a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration into our lives when we lose the ability to be patient. We do this to ourselves and we allow society to do this to us.

What is Patience?

Patience gets a bad rap because it is often associated with standing by and missing out on potential opportunity. But patience doesn't at all mean resigning to the "wait and see" mentality. It doesn't mean being passive at all. Patience is actually power. It is an emotionally and mentally freeing practice of knowing when to act and waiting until the moment is right. 

While the word "patience" sounds inhibiting and unreasonable, it is actually a way to get in touch with your intuition and take control of the world you live in.

How to Build Patience through Yoga

By practicing yoga, you will begin to embrace a new relationship with patience. You will see that it is a friend - not a foe. It is actually your most trusted ally in this crazy, busy world we live in.

You cannot rush the process of yoga. You cannot push your body to perform yoga in less time. You must relax, get into a different frame of mind and recenter your mind and body. 

You learn to come back to your breath. You learn to cope with all of the stress and frustration caused from our impatient world. 

It may take some time and practice to get into the state of mental patience, but yoga will get you there. And once you have adopted a lifestyle and mentality that embraces the act of slowing down, smelling the flowers and noticing what is happening in the present moment ... you will unlock the key to a happy life.

So the next time you find yourself telling your child to have patience, try taking your own advice. Lead by example. Make time for patience in your life.

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