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How Yoga Can Unlock Your Creativity


You may be familiar with how yoga can tone your body and relax your mind, but did you know it can also unlock your creativity?

Striking a few poses can really get those creative juice flowing. Here’s how…

Mindfulness from doing yoga can lead to creativity.

A big part of doing yoga is being mindful of how your breath and movement work together. This can help you focus and unleash creative ideas.

Yoga gives you a new perspective.

When you’re flowing through yoga poses, you’re forced to look at things differently. Whether it’s doing a shoulder stand or another challenging pose, you’re required to push yourself and enter a deeper state of mind. That fresh perspective and deep focus can break up the monotony and bring your creativity to new heights.

Yoga balances emotions which opens the mind and promotes creative thinking.

If you’re upset or stressed, chances are you’re not thinking about anything else and you’re probably not being productive. Yoga can help clear your mind and balance your emotions, and when your emotions are in check, you’ll be much more inspired to create.

If you’re looking for a healthy way to unlock your creativity, try these three yoga poses regularly.

Pigeon Pose

pigeon pose


Did you know that we store many negative emotions in our hips? Our hips and pelvis are the parts of the body that line up with the chakra that represents creative energy. (Chakras are various focal points in the body used to transform energy.)

Because the hips are responsible for holding onto negative energy, it’s important to loosen this area in order to open yourself up to and unlock creativity.

Start in a tabletop position. Exhale and slide your right knee forward so that your thigh and knee are in front of your hip. Look behind you to see if you’re in the proper alignment. Your foot should be laying flat and your leg should be in line with the hip.

Inhale and lift your torso. Stay here for ten breaths before releasing.

Half Moon Pose

half moon pose


The half moon pose works to open up the body and loosen it up which is believed to lead to an open mind. And with an open mind, creativity is endless.

Stand tall with your feet wide apart. Put your arms out to the sides at shoulder height. Make sure your right foot is at a 90 degree angle with your toes pointed forward. Turn your toes on your left foot in a bit.

Reach your right hand the same direction your right foot is pointed. Your left hip should be shifted back as you fold sideways. You can either rest your right hand on your outer right shin, ankle, or the floor, depending on your flexibility.

Straighten your right leg while lifting your left leg at the same time. Reach your left arm up and point your fingertips to the sky. You can turn your head and look at your left thumb if you can balance. Hold for up to one minute.

Pentacle Pose


A big part of being creative is being open to new possibilities. The Pentacle pose allows us to do just that—awaken dormant energy, recharge, and consider all the amazing things that are possible.

Start by laying on your mat with legs spread wide apart, arms stretched out to the side, and palms facing up.

Hold here for as many breaths as you’d like, focusing on the breath and relaxing.

The next time you need a creative boost whether it’s for work or to just get out of a rut, try these yoga poses and watch your creativity start to flow.


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