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How Yoga can Help Start your Day with the Right Mindset


I have been a yoga lover for over 10 years. I find ways to squeeze a yoga routine in 3-5 times a week even if I'm busy, even if I'm sick and even if I'd rather hit the snooze button and catch a little more shuteye. 

I love everything about yoga. I love the way it nourishes my body. I love the way it strengthens my resolve. I love the way it stretches my muscles. I love the way it improves my mindset. 

Mindsets are everything! When you have the right mindset, you become unstoppable. Your self-doubt and fear fly out the window. This is because our thoughts define who we are and what we do. They determine what actions we take and what words we speak. Thoughts are so powerful, yet so many people don't work to improve their mindsets.

How Yoga Strengthens your Mindset

One of the most enjoyable ways to improve your mindset is to practice yoga first thing in the morning. Yoga will help you start your day with a powerful mindset. Many of the fundamental pieces of you parallel our daily lives. These fundamentals will help build a strong and positive mindset.


In order to practice yoga and learn all of the poses, you must become disciplined. You have to show up and work hard. You have to be determined not to give up, even when your muscles start shaking and even when you continue to fall out of the more advanced poses. You learn to let go of outside competition and look inward.


Yoga is one of the best teachers of focus. You must focus your mind in order to master many of the popular yoga poses. You must learn to silence all the noise and chaos of the world and focus in on your balance and the quietness of your mind. If you lose focus for even a brief second, you lose your pose. Over time, your focus improves. You learn to shut out the rest of the world and focus in on one thing. Distractions fall away. 


In order to excel at yoga, you must learn to relax both your mind and body. You must release the tension that has built up so that your muscles cooperate. You must focus and quiet your mind. Relaxation releases stress and anxiety, and it is a trick that you can use throughout your day. Freeing yourself from negativity and stress leaves you space for positivity and productivity. You accomplish more when you are relaxed.

Essential Elements of the Right Mindset

Discipline, focus and relaxation are the cornerstone elements of a mindset that will propel you forward and allow you to live a life full of happiness and fulfillment. In today's busy world, we often get so caught up in the day-to-day stressors that we forget to take the time to work on ourselves - both inner and outer. 

Yoga can do both. You can strengthen your mind and body at the same time ... and take the lessons you've learned to apply to the rest of your life. 

If you want to start each day with the best mindset (one that will make you successful and happy), take the time to practice yoga.

Stop in your favorite gym or yoga studio.

Pull out your own yoga mat.

Head to the beach with a towel.

Where you practice, how long you practice or how well you practice don't matter as much as the fact that you do practice. You build your self discipline, focus and relaxation just as you build any other muscle in your body. 

Free yourself. Teach yourself. Improve yourself.

All through yoga!


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