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How to Start a New Yoga Habit

How to Start a New Yoga Habit

Have you ever been able to grow a strawberry plant from a tomato seed?

 The answer is probably no. I’m certain of this because I believe in the law of nature that says, “You reap what you sow.”

Most of you are probably thinking … “well, duh. That is pretty obvious.”

But can it really be that obvious? If it was so obvious, why would people consistently attempt to obtain something from nothing. 

If you want to start to build yoga (or any other habit) into your daily or weekly routine, you have to put in the work. 

The “reap what you sow” principle applies to all facets of your life … not just your garden.

Why New Habits are so Difficult

There are so many people who have big goals, big desires and really want to change their current realities. But they struggle. Because starting a new habit is hard work. And it is human nature to put it off.

We trust that things will be different tomorrow. We assume that tomorrow we will have more willpower. Tomorrow we will have more energy. Tomorrow we will make it to the yoga class. 

But here is the issue : It won’t happen. It has to start today. It has to start right now.

When it comes to achieving your goals and starting a new habit (such as yoga), you must learn to never trust your future self. Always assume that what you do today is what you will do tomorrow, next week, next month and for the rest of your life.

So if you aren't going to the yoga class today, the chances are that you won't go tomorrow.

Changing Habits (Yoga or any Habit you Desire in your Life)

Hopefully I have convinced you to do something today to start bringing in the change in your life that you want. I’ve already told you that it has to start today and it has to become a habit. But how do you begin? What should you do today to change your reality?

 Admit the Challenge

Habits account for up to 60% of what we do on a daily basis. We operate so much on autopilot.

You probably already have habits at play in your life (whether you realize it or not), and some of them (or all of them) are inhibiting you from getting to where you want to be. 

But half of the power of habits (both good and bad) is our awareness of them. When we have a bad habit in our life, we have to admit that it is keeping us stuck in a place we don’t want to be.

A bad habit doesn’t have to be life-threatening to be serious. It simply has to be standing in the way of what we want out of life. If you want to have a habit of showing up in your yoga class, what is it that is currently keeping you from doing that?

Take a look at your current habits. Are they the habits of the person you'd like to be, or are they the habits of someone stuck in a rut?

If your habits aren’t creating a life you love, then simply admit it. Say “I have a problem with [fill in the blank].”

-I have a problem with overeating.

-I have a problem with procrastinating.

-I have a problem with staying up too late at night…

No matter what it is, you can overcome it if you first admit you have a problem.

Swap the Behavior

Breaking bad habits is a mental game. Rather than fighting our subconscious mind, we really just need to give it something else to focus on. The goal is to replace the behavior with something productive.

Find something you can do to change the focus and help you make progress towards your goal. For example, can you take a walk or shut down your electronics at 8pm to ensure you get a full nights sleep (so you can make the 6am yoga class)? Can you pack your gym bag the night before?

The point is to find something you can do to change your focus to something different and better.

Track your Progress

Yep, there has be some accountability and self-discipline when it comes to changing habits. Your brain has been wired to perform the habit on autopilot, and you are going to have to work hard to change the wiring.

By tracking your progress,

  • You keep your intention
  • You deepen your resolve
  • You maintain momentum.

There are apps for your phone or you can create a simple spreadsheet to track your progress. Document how many times you are successful at your new habit and celebrate your accomplishments. 


Implementing a new habit (such as yoga) is not difficult to do. But it is VERY easy not to do. It is a lot easier to remain stuck in your current routine. But you will never get results that way. You must develop the mindset and the persistence to show up for yourself every single day.

You cannot plant a tomato seed and expect a strawberry plant to grow.

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